Peek Analysis

While analyzing OLAP data in Grid analysis view, new ‘Peek Analysis’ feature comes handy for many situations, where user would like to get quick insight to cell data, without leaving or changing main analysis in grid view.

In the following example, we see that ‘Accessories’ sold in ‘California’ is $144,910.19 in main analysis grid. If we right-click same cell and choose ‘Peek Analysis’ new window will be opened that will show sub-analysis of the cell data. By default, Time dimension will be used to show drill of the analysis, but user can select any of existing dimension for sub-analysis category and series. This way user has explored cell value using other dimensions without losing analysis in the grid view. Furthermore, user can quickly go from cell to cell to display ‘Peek analysis’ and at any time choose to transform ‘Peek analysis’ to main grid analysis.
Peek OLAP Analysis