Dashboard Layout Configuration Options

Dashboard and rendered visualizations could be additionally configured to display additional visual and data options. Each dashboard tile has visualization options that are easy to configure to maximize perception of related data.

OLAP software Value Labels

All chart visualization have option to display 'Value Labels', which means that value for particular chart segment will be visible without having to move mouse over it, which is particularly practical while exporting dashboard to PDF file or watching Dashboard tiles on slide show.

  • Select ‘Dashboard design mode’ -> ‘Tile edit’ -> ‘options’
  • Choose ‘All’ to set ‘Value Labels’ for all values on the chart.
  • Choose ‘Top N’ to set ‘Value Labels’ for highest values on the chart.
  • Choose ‘Value Label – Categories’ to display ‘Value Labels’ only for selected categories.
  • Choose ‘Value Label – Series to display ‘Value Labels’ only for selected series.
Dashboard Value Labels

OLAP software Show only selected categories/series

OLAP analysis, MDX and SQL queries returns data structures that consist of categories and series to be visualized on the dashboard charts. In dashboard 'Design View' user can select to show only particular categories or series and narrow focus to the data of current interest.

  • Select ‘Dashboard design mode’ -> ‘Tile edit’ -> ‘Options’
  • Choose ‘All’ to set ‘Value Labels’ for all values on the chart.
  • Choose ‘Specific Categories’ to select categories that will be displayed
  • Choose ‘Specific Series to select categories that will be displayed
Dashboard Visualization

OLAP software Pivot Categories/Series

With one click on the tile 'Options' switch position of categories and series and turn around impression of the data on the chart visualization. Useful feature when returned data from OLAP and SQL sources does not have structure of rows and columns we would like to use on the chart.

  • Select ‘Dashboard design mode’ -> ‘Tile edit’ -> ‘Options’
  • Mark ‘Pivot’ checkbox, categories and series will switch positions
Dashboard software pivot categories series

OLAP software Show Trend/Average Lines

Select series of the data to calculate and display 'Trend Line' or ‘Average Line’ on supported chart types (Line Chart, Column Chart, Area Chart and Bubble Chart). 'Trend/Average Line' series are displayed in the same color as selected series of data. 'Trend Line' is based on Linear Trend equation.

  • Select ‘Dashboard design mode’ -> ‘Tile edit’ -> ‘Options’
  • Select ‘Series Trend Line’ or ‘Series Average Line’ pickers to select series for which you would like to display Trend or Average.
Dashboard software Trend line Dashboard software Average Line

OLAP software Legend display and position

Customize appearance of the chart legend on each individual tile on the dashboard. Legend position could be set in tiles 'Options' and could be set to 'Top', 'Right' and 'None' position value.

  • Select ‘Dashboard design mode’ -> ‘Tile edit’ -> ‘Options’
  • Select ‘Legend’ dropdown and select one of available values.
Dashboard software legend position

OLAP software Dashboard Tile Border

Dashboard tile border is displayed with ‘Rounded’ edges by default. In 'Design View' dashboard 'Details' -> 'General' settings tile border could be set to 'Square' or 'None' borders.

  • Select ‘Dashboard design mode’ -> ‘Details’ -> ‘General’
  • Select ‘Tile Border’ dropdown and select one of available values.
Dashboard Tile Borders

OLAP software Color theme pallet

Set dashboard color theme pallet that will be applied to all dashboard tiles or set color pallet for particular tile visualization. By default, all dashboard tiles inherit color theme from dashboard (General Settings) which is by default 'Standard' color theme. While in dashboard 'Design view' user can opt color theme for whole dashboard or set individual tiles color theme. Kyubit product delivers 5 color theme pallets (Standard, Warm, Cold, Strong, Gray), while with some workaround, custom color pallet could be created for the current environment to be available for all users designing their dashboards

  • To change color pallet for whole dashboard, select ‘dashboard design mode’ -> ‘details’ -> ‘general’ -> select one of available pallets.
  • To change color pallet, select ‘dashboard design mode’ -> ‘tile edit’ -> ‘options’ –> select one of available pallets.
Dashboard Tile Borders

OLAP software Create Custom Color Pallet

With some manual workaround it is possible to add your own color pallet that will be available for selection in dashboard design view. To add your color set, follow this steps.

  • Locate file C:\Program Files\Kyubit\BusinessIntelligence\Javascripts\collorPallets.js (backup existing file)
  • Open file in text editor and add new array of colors to existing sets as on this same picture. Arrays of colors must be delimited with comma. Highlighted is newly added color sequence.
  • Save C:\Program Files\Kyubit\BusinessIntelligence\Javascripts\collorPallets.js file and also save it to some other backup place, that will be used to restore same file after upgrade to new version on Kyubit Business Intelligence.
  • Custom color pallet is available for selection for Dashboard color theme or particular Tile color theme.
Dashboard Color Pallet