Kyubit Charts Library Download

Download the latest version of the Kyubit Chart Library and use all available Kyubit charts with your data for evaluation and development purposes. The production usage requires a production license. Kyubit Charts Library can be quickly utilized to produce beautiful analytic charts embedded within websites and web applications. Contact us at for assistance with Kyubit charts.

To Download Kyubit Setup files, add '' to 'Trusted Sites' in your browser.
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Contact us at for any assistance with Kyubit Charts Library setup and usage.

After downloading Kyubit Chart Library, visit charts API & samples pages to quickly learn how to set up and use Kyubit charts with a simple JavaScript code and HTML.

Please read the Kyubit Charts Library EULA that defines licensing details. You may use the downloaded Kyubit Charts Library for test and evaluation (non-production) purposes without the production license. For production use of the Software in any web application or website, a production license is required.