Microsoft SSAS Reporting & BI Software Solution

Kyubit Business Intelligence - SSAS Analysis Services Reporting & Analysis solution based on the latest web technologies HTML5/CSS3, connects you to Microsoft Analysis Services and provides sophisticated and intuitive OLAP/Tabular/SQL and Self-Service BI analysis and visualizations.

SSAS OLAP Analysis tools

OLAP Analysis

BI Tools Kyubit delivers OLAP tools for web-based analysis & reports creation, designed for Microsoft Analysis Services (SSAS) Multidimensional and Tabular models. Quick product setup, advanced OLAP analytic features, visual analysis, reports, OLAP dashboards, and scheduled OLAP reports are key OLAP analysis features of Kyubit BI tools.
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Self-Service BI

BI Tools Quickly transform SQL query results into a multidimensional data model ready for interactive analysis, reporting, and dashboard visualizations by all authorized users. In minutes, you can do deep data analytics with drill-downs analysis, drill-throughs, slicers, and other analytic features. Scheduled jobs for new data reprocessing included.
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Dashboards & KPIs

BI Tools Use data from your SSAS SQL/OLAP databases or CSV files to quickly design and present the most valuable information from your business environment with Kyubit dashboard BI tools. Collaborate with your team on interactive BI content. KPI, Scorecards, and Gauges present visual success metric tools, data visualizations, and trend indicators.
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SSAS Reporting Dashboard BI Solution

SSAS OLAP/Tabular front-end reporting and analysis solution

There are many ways to analyze and browse OLAP cube data based on SSAS - SQL Server Analysis Services. Kyubit BI platform is a web application that enables all authorized users to connect, analyze, visualize, share or subscribe to Analysis Services OLAP cube data using only an internet browser. Minimizing installation and maintenance procedures on the client side, the Kyubit Business Intelligence platform is installed on intranet IIS within minutes and immediately ready to serve OLAP/Tabular data analysis and other BI features. Intuitive OLAP/Tabular analysis features, sophisticated visualization options and an easy way to share analysis among users are some key benefits of this OLAP client software. Users do not even have to connect to Kyubit Business Intelligence, they could be only the recipients of scheduled OLAP scheduled report & dashboards email delivery, which brings fresh OLAP/SQL data insights at the scheduled time.

SSAS OLAP Analysis and Reporting solution

Self-Service BI and OLAP Reporting with 'Kyubit Business Intelligence' is an easy way to prepare stunning visualizations and OLAP reports based on Microsoft SSAS OLAP cubes and Self-Service BI Analytic Models in a couple of minutes, including software installation. With Kyubit OLAP and Self-Service BI reporting software, subscribe to reports and receive the most recent data at the scheduled time. Collaborate with other users on the same report or embed analytics & reports to your solution.

SSAS OLAP Reporting solution

A quick tour on SSAS Reporting & Analysis Solution features

Quick Setup

It takes a few minutes to download, install and utilize the Kyubit Business Intelligence web application.

OLAP & Self-Service BI Grid Analysis

Powerful 3-axes, multi-measure, intuitive OLAP and Self-Service BI grid analysis.

Chart (Visual) Analysis

Interactive charts for OLAP and Self-Service BI analysis and visualization.

Drag-and-drop experience

Easy to adopt, intuitive, drag-and-drop user experience.

Share Reports & Dashboards

Share analyses, reports and dashboards with other authorized users on your local network or over the internet.

Self-Service BI

Quickly convert SSAS SQL query results to multidimensional analytic models.

Export Reports, Analytics & Dashboards

Export your analysis to Excel and PDF.

Scheduled Reports & Dashboards

Create scheduled reports and dashboard subscriptions to receive at the scheduled time.

Embedded Analytics

Embed created reports & dashboards to external web pages/websites.

Analytical Dashboards

Use created analysis to present your data on interactive Dashboards with many analysis features.
Overview of SSAS reporting and analysis features in the Kyubit Self-Hosted BI Tools. This video shows the most common OLAP analysis and interactive BI Dashboard features. Kyubit BI tools are designed for OLAP analysis and business dashboards management based on SQL and OLAP data, all within the web browser and user-friendly.

Kyubit SSAS Reporting Solution Architecture

Kyubit Business Intelligence is an ASP.NET web application installed on IIS (on-premise). It requires Microsoft SQL Server (any edition) for its own database and connects to Analysis Services (SSAS) for OLAP analysis. On the client side, users only use a web browser to connect to Kyubit BI, which server HTML/Javascript for all OLAP and Self-Service BI functionality and operations. On the server side, optimized MDX queries are generated and executed against Analysis Services, and data is transformed to HTML and returned to the browser. Because only specifically required data are being returned using asynchronous javascript operations (not complete HTML page), the response is fast, which results in a great user experience.

Get started

Dashboards download Download 30 days evaluation of Kyubit BI tools and trial all analysis and visualization features in action. It is a simple, 5 minutes installation that will bring you all features unlocked in the evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries.