Set OLAP Data Source

To start analyzing data using existing OLAP database, SSAS OLAP cube has to be referenced in the Kyubit Business Intelligence application as OLAP Data Source.

Once it is referenced it can be reused in different analysis and reports, and used by any users of Kyubit Business Intelligence which has permissions for the same Cube reference. Cube reference just represents central catalogue of all available OLAP cubes to use in Kyubit Business Intelligence. To define Cube reference for certain OLAP cube, MS SQL Analysis Services 2005/2008/2012/2014 has to be installed on the intranet in the same intranet to which Kyubit Business Intelligence server belongs to. While creating Cube reference user has to provide following data:

  • Server name (or IP address) with MS Analysis Services
  • OLAP database name
  • Cube name (Multidimensional cube or tabular model)
  • Cube reference (custom name)

BI Tool folders
Cube reference could be defined by server/database elements or could defined as custom connection string, so advanced users could add some extra parameters. To assign permissions for other users, select 'Permissions' link. After OLAP cube data source is defined, set appropriate permissions for other users to see or manage same data source definition.