BI Dashboards Solution

Create interactive BI Dashboards, Analytics, and KPIs that use your data stored in OLAP/Tabular/SQL databases or Excel/CSV files to visualize insights from your business environment with Kyubit BI dashboard tools. Share business dashboards with your team, export to a PDF file, or schedule dashboard subscriptions using Kyubit's self-hosted dashboard software.

BI Dashboards On-Premise Solution

Real-Time Dashboards and Analytics

A great way to present important business insights and analytics from your databases and files (OLAP/Tabular/SQL/Excel/CSV), displayed as interactive, real-time BI dashboard visualizations. Use the Kyubit BI dashboard solution and its various data visualization options to present relevant data, performance, and status indicators. Focus on key values, assign appropriate dashboard permissions, and share dashboards with appropriate users. Subscribe and receive the business dashboard via email at the scheduled time. Monitor key values with conditional subscriptions that will alert when a relevant KPI changes its status.

Imagine your business data on an interactive BI dashboard with analytic features and scheduled delivery options.

A quick tour of Kyubit's on-premise BI dashboard features

Use Your Data Sources

Use available data sources from your own business environment to create Dashboards and KPIs.

Use Self-Service Analytics

Use previously created data analytics for dashboard charts and visualizations. Share your analytics with other users using Kyubit BI platform dashboard tools.

MDX and SQL Queries

Use MDX and SQL queries to get real-time data for Dashboard charts and metrics.

Drag-and-Drop Experience

Use a drag-and-drop intuitive user interface to create Dashboard elements.


Create Key Performance Indicators that quickly reflect important values.

Collaboration Comments

Kyubit dashboard tools allow your team to communicate over the dashboard with comments and discussions.

Use Analytic Slicers

Use dashboard slicers, drill-down and drill-through operations. Change dashboard filters with URL query string parameters.


Share Business Dashboards with other people in your environment. Secure way of dashboard interaction with other users based on given permissions.


Schedule dashboard delivery at the scheduled time using Kyubit dashboard tools.


Monitor important values with conditional (KPI related) Dashboard subscriptions.


Use Kyubit dashboard tools to open the Dashboard as a PDF file.


Use Kyubit dashboard tools to organize KPIs to Scorecard collections.

Integrate Business Intelligence Content

Dashboards Business Intelligence Kyubit's on-premise BI dashboard solution provides simple features to prepare self-service analytics and SQL/MDX queries as input data for Business Dashboards and KPIs, that would be reused and shared among authorized users. Monitoring of KPIs, Dashboards, and analysis is a simple task, that every user can accomplish within a few simple steps with Kyubit Business Intelligence.

Scheduled Dashboard email delivery

Dashboards subscriptions Allow users to subscribe to scheduled dashboard delivery and receive an email with fresh dashboard data at the scheduled time with Kyubit on-premise BI dashboard tools. The subscription service will deliver a dashboard embedded in the email message, as an attached PDF file, or a link to the Kyubit BI platform web application. The subscription could be conditional based on the KPI current success status.

BI dashboards and self-service analytics

Dashboards tools and OLAP All elements of the dashboard that are based on existing analysis within the Kyubit BI platform offer additional value to dashboard usage. Data based on OLAP, Tabular, or Kyubit Analytic model could be filtered by adding dashboard slicers that automatically filter all dashboard elements of the same data source. Use drill-down and drill-through analytics on all dashboard charts, or continue with the full self-service analytics grid view.

Dashboard elements based on SQL/MDX queries

Dashboards tools query If created analytics within the Kyubit BI platform are not enough to create appropriate dashboard charts, MDX and SQL queries are available to create and retrieve data from related databases. KPIs and other dashboard charts could be based on SQL/MDX queries that could be cached for better performance in large environments.
Dashboard tools schema

Drag-and-drop dashboard tiles

Dashboards tools Designing dashboards with Kyubit dashboard software is a simple process of drag-and-drop dashboard charts (tiles) to the dashboard area. Dashboard creators can customize the dashboard header and footer, the size of dashboard columns, and at any time drag-and-drop dashboard elements to reorder appearance. After the dashboard chart is defined, immediately renders data visualization.

Design your business KPIs

Dashboards tools and KPI Key Performance Indicators are an important feature of any BI dashboard tool. KPI could be created individually or at the design time within dashboard design mode. KPI success status is based on values from analytics or MDX/SQL queries for KPI value, but also for the 'Success' and 'Fail' thresholds. KPI is visualized with value, status indicator, small line chart for recent values (if appropriate), and last change (delta) value.
Dashboard design tools

Dashboard Tools, Dashboard Software

Add data slicers

Dashboards tools and slicers Dashboard elements based on any data source could be filtered by adding filters and slicers that would filter all data on the dashboard related to the same data source. Multiple slicers could exist at the same time on the dashboard easily and are visually managed in design time or production time by the end user. Selecting dimension members for filtering, automatically refresh appropriate elements.

Drill-down & drill-through analytics

Dashboards tools analytics Dashboard charts based on self-service analytics could be analyzed further with dashboard drill-down and drill-through analytics using Kyubit BI platform dashboard tools. Additionally, the dashboard chart could be visually enlarged for additional analytics. Drill-through action will display leaf-level details of the related data.


Dashboard tools scorecard Organize KPIs into a single scorecard list to present many important status indicators visually using a single list on a dashboard. 'Scorecard' has its own permissions list to authorize users to manage scorecard KPIs. A 'Scorecard' presents KPI values, goals, trends, trend lines, goal percentages, and status indicator icons.

Collaboration comments

Dashboard tool collaboration Kyubit dashboard tools include features for users to share comments and make discussions over created BI content, such as a dashboard, within the Kyubit BI application. Receive new comments by email to stay in touch with team thoughts on dashboard data and most recent business indicators.
Dashboard tools discussions

Get started with Kyubit BI dashboard solution

Dashboard tools download Download the Kyubit BI platform 30-day evaluation with dashboard tools and see dashboard features in action. It is a simple, 5 minutes-installation that will bring you all features unlocked in the evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries. Download the Dashboard Tools User Manual, which covers all aspects of dashboard tools & features usage.