Decomposition OLAP Analysis

Additional approach to analyze OLAP data, besides existing Grid/Chart OLAP analysis is Decomposition Visual Analysis of OLAP data. Decomposition OLAP analysis enables data analysis in multiple steps, while user can see all the steps at the same time and has ability to change each step definition at any time.

To create sample OLAP decomposition analysis, follow this steps ...

  • select ‘New Decomposition Analysis’ option in ‘Home’ or ‘Analysis’ view of Kyubit BI application.
  • Select appropriate OLAP data source
  • Select Measure for analysis. Single measure could be selected and changes at any time.
  • Select ‘Add Decomposition Level’ button on the bottom to choose dimension level that will be used for first decomposition level. Level chart will immediately appear.
  • Select ‘Add Decomposition Level’ for each additional dimension level you wish to analyze in subsequent analysis steps.
  • Selecting members on a certain decomposition level will automatically filter all subsequent (child) levels with current selection. At any time changes selection for each added decomposition level.
  • If complete decomposition level should be filtered (sliced) with additional data, select ‘Add Filters’ to add appropriate slicers.
  • On each decomposition Level, select ‘Sorting’, isolate top N members, change chart type, open chart in large view or continue analysis in Grid/Chart analysis.
  • On each decomposition Level, export data to Excel file.
Peek OLAP Analysis

Decomposition Analysis consists of analysis levels (steps) added with option to select level members that we would like to explore in subsequent levels we are about to add to see details of analysis interest. This is data drill-down in multiple steps, with great possibility to change selected members of any level, at any time. After you click any level member, it will be included in level selection and complete decomposition tree will be recalculated and visualized with new selection. Decomposition analysis can be saved and shared with other authorized users, collaborate by adding comments and decomposition leaf (last) level can be used to visualize data on the dashboards. Saved decomposition analysis are displayed in 'Analysis' section of the application with its characteristic icon.