KPI dashboard metrics, visualizations, and alerts

Monitor the success of your business goals with a KPI dashboard that is organized with KPIs, gauges, scorecards, and other charts that are based on your SQL, OLAP, Tabular, Excel, or CSV data with Kyubit BI tools. Set alert emails that are triggered by a particular KPI status.

KPI Dashboard
KPI Dashboard

How to set up KPI dashboards and scorecards?

After you define values that could be used to measure your business goals, it would be great if you could use your own data sources to display a KPI dashboard that reflects your current situation or the situations in the last period of your business. It is very likely that you have your own business values in Excel/CSV files or SQL/OLAP/Tabular databases and you just need a tool where you can quickly define your KPIs with success and fail thresholds and present them in the form of the web page that is easily accessible and shared with other authorized users. Kyubit BI tools include KPI creation and management features where you will quickly define your KPIs and create a dashboard where KPIs and other data visualizations will be displayed with their current status and latest values. Each time the dashboard is opened, real-time data from your data sources are used to display the current KPI status with historic values. KPI could be presented as a KPI icon with current values, the last change, and a line chart presenting KPI values in the recent period. Another way is to display the same KPI as a gauge, goal meter visualization, or organize multiple KPIs into a Scorecard that lists multiple KPIs with related data. KPI Dashboard is accessible from web browsers or mobile devices using various authentication mechanisms. KPI Dashboard could be exported to a PDF file or users can schedule reports and dashboard delivery with the most recent data on the email at the scheduled time.

KPI Thresholds definition

KPI Displayed in Various Visualizations

Working with KPIs

Once created, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) could be re-used on many dashboards with respect to defined permissions on the KPI. All available KPIs to the current user are visible in the 'KPIs and Scorecards' section of the Kyubit BI platform.

Kyubit BI tools with KPI dashboard features include Scorecards and KPI visualizations that connect to your OLAP, Tabular, SQL, Excel, and CSV data to create KPI status, indicators, metrics, and charts that quickly indicate the current status of important values within your data environment. Kyubit Scorecard and KPI software include KPI visualizations that are easy to design and implement on dashboards together with other important visual metrics. KPI status is represented with the current value, KPI icon or Gauge and a small line chart that presents recent changes of values in time. Organize multiple KPIs into Scorecards that display KPI goals, targets, target percentages, and trend lines.


KPI usage on Dashboards

  • The interactive BI dashboard could contain any number of KPI tiles.
  • Click the magnify icon to display KPI in an enlarged view.
  • KPI consists of the current value, last change and KPI status sign (Success, Even, Fail).
  • KPI has the option to display a line chart that presents recent KPI value changes, based on KPI definition (see next section).
  • Defined KPI could be reused on many Dashboards.
KPI dashboard

KPI Design

  • KPI success thresholds could be defined as fixed values of values from query or analysis.
  • Define success pattern.
  • When the value is defined using query or analysis, 'KPI Value' is always the first value in the results.
  • When the value is defined using query or analysis, 'KPI Last Change' is defined by the relation between the first and second values in the results.
  • Visualize previous KPI values by setting a line chart that illustrates how KPI value has changed recently.
KPI dashboard


Organize multiple KPIs on a single Scorecard list that presents each KPI's success status, current value, target, target percentage, and recent values as a small line chart, and visual progress of the current value from 'Fail' to 'Success' status (value bar).
KPI software

Monitor KPI

  • Create a dashboard subscription.
  • Set condition to send scheduled subscription only if certain KPI has 'fail' status.
KPI dashboard
The KPI design form offers everything in one place to create KPI in the Kyubit BI platform.
KPI Name defines the full name of the KPI in the system.
KPI Short Name will be used on places (mobile devices), where space is limited.
KPI Description simply describes the KPI definition for other users.
The Success Model defines if higher values are more successful or lower values are more successful.
KPI Value is the actual value that is tested for KPI success. Could be configured as a ‘Fixed numeric value’ or value from ‘Query/Analysis’.
The Success threshold, which defines a limit above KPI status is considered as ‘Success’ and marked with the green arrow icon. Could be configured as a ‘Fixed numeric value’ or value from ‘Query/Analysis’.
A Fail threshold, defines a limit below KPI status is considered as ‘Failed’ and marked with the red arrow icon. Could be configured as a ‘Fixed numeric value’ or value from ‘Query/Analysis’.
If the KPI value is between the ‘Success’ and ‘Fail’ limits, the KPI is in the ‘Even’ status and marked with a yellow circle.
The 'Last change' as percentage, defines if the last change will be displayed as the percentage or regular delta value.
Show KPI values 'Line chart' or 'Column Chart', defined if line chart will be visible next to KPI to reflect changes of KPI value in recent time, up to the last (current) value. KPI data feed is based on a series of values (first series of analysis/query) and the first value in the series is considered as the current value to be evaluated for KPI, previous values are considered historic and could be displayed as a list chart next to the KPI indicator.

When all inputs are selected, click on ‘Test KPI’ to immediately display the KPI visualization and perhaps make some adjustments, before it is saved.

Get started with Kyubit KPI Dashboard

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