Kyubit BI Tools & Platform Overview

Kyubit BI platform and its tools will bring a user-friendly, web-based environment to create self-service analytics, organize interactive dashboards, KPIs, and reports to share with your team using desktop and mobile devices. Effortlessly set up your BI environment based on SQL, OLAP/Tabular databases, or Excel/CSV databases and files!

Self-Service Analytics

On Premise BI Tools OLAP Kyubit delivers tools for self-service analytics with a web-based analysis & report creation based on OLAP, Tabular, SQL, Excel, or CSV data. Empower your business users to create business analytics & reports independently with easiness. Easy drag-and-drop analytics with a fantastic user adoption curve, scheduled reports, and embedded analytics are key benefits for your BI environment.
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Quick Analytic Models

On-Premise BI Tools Self Service Analytics Quickly transform SQL query results or Excel/CSV into a multidimensional data model ready for self-service analytics, reporting, dashboard, and KPI visualizations by all authorized users with Kyubit self-service BI features. In minutes, you can do deep data analytics with drill-downs, drill-throughs, slicers, and other analytic features. Scheduled jobs for new data reprocessing included.
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Dashboards & KPIs

On-Premise BI Tools Dashboards The easiest way to prepare dashboards/KPIs and share them with the audience you choose. Connect drag-and-drop analytics with a dashboard chart and present the most valuable information from your business environment with Kyubit tools for dashboard creation. Collaborate on interactive BI dashboards to evaluate success and trend indicators.
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On-Premise BI Solution

On-Premise BI Tools
After a quick setup, Kyubit on-premise BI tools will be available as a web application accessible using web browsers to users in your intranet environment (Optionally exposed on the web). A user can quickly set up a connection to existing data sources and first analytics and data visualizations will quickly follow. All created BI content is secured by permissions based on Active Directory or Kyubit-created Users and Groups. There are a set of BI tools and analytic features whose primary goal is to create data insights and visualizations that are interactive and comprehensive. All analytics and discoveries are quickly arranged on dashboards using charts and metric visualizations providing quick insights on performance values from our data.

What are BI Tools?

BI Tools is a set of software features that enables enterprises to quickly discover the most important business insights from their existing data source, monitor goal success statuses, visualize important metrics, and create complex queries, analyses, and reports related to their business requirements.

Step-by-Step Tutorials introducing main Kyubit BI concepts with instructions on how to start and use application features ...

Read more details on Kyubit BI Features Sheet that is elaborated on a single page as quick reminder and possibilities discovery insight ...

Read details on Kyubit BI Environment Configurations that will smoothly integrate Kyubit BI to meet your environment requirements ...

Analytic Features

  • OLAP & Self-Service Analysis & Reports
  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Approach
  • Analytic Report - Scheduled Subscriptions
  • Analytic Report - Export to PDF/Excel files
  • Share Analytic Reports with Authorized Users
  • Analytic Analysis on the Dashboards
  • Analytic Analysis on Mobile Devices
  • Analytic Report team Collaboration
  • Integrate Analytic Reports to Your App

Dashboard Features

  • Simple Dashboard creation
  • Use your SQL/OLAP/ODBC/EXCEL/CSV data sources
  • Dashboard OLAP Analytic Features
  • Dashboard - Scheduled Subscriptions
  • Share Dashboards with Authorized Users
  • KPI and Scorecard Features
  • Dashboard Team Collaboration
  • Dashboards on Mobile Devices
  • Integrate Dashboards to Your App

A Sample On-Premise BI environment with Kyubit BI Tools

BI Tools, BI environment
  • Kyubit BI is an on-premise web-based platform, used to create and organize your BI content. It is a web application installed on the Windows operating system, which serves Business Intelligence content to authorized users using web browsers.
  • Setup Kyubit BI tools to work as on-premise BI server or part of your cloud BI environment
  • It takes 5 minutes to download and install Kyubit BI tools and create your first self-service analytics, report or a Dashboard.
  • Users can access Kyubit BI tools from intranet or Internet, depending on environment configuration.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-adopt user interface is one of the featured points of Kyubit Business Intelligence software.
  • Kyubit BI tools include OLAP, Tabular analysis tools used to access, browse and analyze OLAP data and create OLAP reporting for Multidimensional and Tabular models on SSAS environment.
  • Quickly create analytic models based on your Excel, CSV files or SQL query results for self-service analytics.
  • Users are able to quickly create business interactive dashboards, using already created OLAP analysis or using MDX and SQL queries (MSSQL or ODBC).
  • Scheduled delivery of reports and dashboards to receive with the fresh data on the scheduled time on the email.
  • Kyubit BI tools include features to create and maintain your organization KPIs and Scorecards.
  • Interactive Dashboards can be accessed from a desktop or mobile devices.
  • Planning & Budgeting support for organizations that require planning process with existing data.
  • Kyubit BI platform and tools usage and features are documented in user manuals available on our website.
  • Teamwork and collaboration features brings BI content closer to your users.
  • Kyubit BI tools include options to embed BI content into your solution and add new business intelligence value to existing systems.
  • Optionally, configure application to work in a multitenant mode to serve dashboards and reports to your clients.
  • Kyubit releases new versions of Kyubit BI tools several times throughout the year.
  • Kyubit BI platform user interface includes multilingual support. Currently, 10 different languages are supported and new languages could be added at request.

    BI Tools - Multilanguage Support
Kyubit BI tools application is an on-premise Business Intelligence platform you would like to see in your environment if your data is primarily stored on MS SQL Server or MS Analysis Services and you would like to see more analysis and data visualization of your own data using web-browser and team collaboration. Kyubit BI tools allow you even to connect to other data sources using Kyubit ODBC connection support. Users within your environment could communicate using 'Collaboration comments' and be constantly in touch with thoughts of other users on BI specific content. Kyubit will continue to develop new features related to OLAP analysis, Dashboards, data visualizations, OLAP reporting, and mobile BI to provide the full scale of expectations from Business Intelligence Software.

Major goals of Business Intelligence Software is to give important data insight, option to analyze data of interest and to monitor important metrics and Budgeting & Forecasting values. If these features are available using web-browser and mobile technologies, we proudly say, we have developed Business Intelligence software as we have imagined it should exist.

Great customer feedback ensures new plans and visions on the product road-map that we would like to share with you.

Get started

Dashboards download Download 30 days evaluation of Kyubit BI tools and trial all analysis and visualization features in action. It is a simple, 5 minutes installation that will bring you all features unlocked in the evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries.