Create OLAP Reports

Final form of the analysis data is presented to others using OLAP Report, which includes grid and chart data view.

Many people we would like to show analysis are not familiar with OLAP and analysis technology concepts. To get analysis view that would be as simple and straightforward as possible, showing only business valuable data without all actions, cube structure etc., we switch to “Report view” that would show only final analysis data.

OLAP Report
Report view hides almost all Kyubit Business Intelligence interface (header, menu, etc.) and show plain analysis data elements, which are ready to show to other people or send directly to printer:

  • Analysis name
  • Analysis description (if exists)
  • Grid results data (if opted)
  • Chart result image (if opted)
  • Interactive Filters
  • Values Bar Indicators (if opted)
In Report view, following actions are available:

  • Update Analysis details (name, description)
  • Select to show Grid, Chart or both
  • Send to print
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to PDF
  • Switch back to Grid or Chart view
Report view can show ‘Value Bars’ visual indicators that visually present impact of value for each cell compared to column totals or to grand total of analysis. ‘Value bars’ can be configured to display at analysis design time, but also while using by the end users. Select ‘Visuals’ in report view to display ‘Value Bars’.