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Evaluation users have the option to evaluate Kyubit BI platform for 30 days. Environments with the existing license can upgrade the product to the latest version. Read the release notes to learn more about the latest improvements.

To Download Kyubit Setup files, add '' to 'Trusted Sites' in your browser.
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Contact us on for assistance with setup and configuration. Support and assistance is available during the evaluation and the production usage.

  • Windows OS
  • MS SQL Server (any edition) on local machine or available on the network
  • Backup your Kyubit BI platform internal SQL server database (default name "KyubitAnalysisDB")
  • Run setup.exe which has built-in automated upgrade process.

That's it. After the upgrade process is finished, your Kyubit business intelligence platform is ready for usage.
The internal database already contains your license key, so you do not have to apply the license again.

Read details on how to set up and configure Kyubit BI tools in your environment. For more complex scenarios, contact our support or read concepts in BI tools users documentation.

Read all concepts on self-service analytics with Kyubit BI tools with step-by-step descriptions of various analytic features while analyzing your OLAP, Tabular, SQL, Excel, or CSV data sources.

Read instructions and tips on dashboard design and usage. Learn how to define KPIs and use analytics on the dashboard.