Object Permissions

By default, Kyubit Business Intelligence works with Active Directory users or groups. For any reason, if Active Directory does not exists or if not applicable for Kyubit Business Intelligence application, Kyubit BI could be configure to work with local machine users and groups to assign permissions to Kyubit BI objects.

To any of Kyubit Business Intelligence object types Active Directory user/groups permission could be assigned, so other users could see and utilize their functionality. Any object is visible only to his creator when created (and to administrators). To be visible to other users, appropriate permissions needs to be set.

  • Cube reference – reference to SSAS OLAP cube.
  • Folder – grouping of many analyses with common permissions set and/or common business subject.
  • Analysis – OLAP grid and chart analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Queries
  • Scorecards
  • User Named sets – named sets defined in Kyubit Business Intelligence
  • User Drillthrough columns – columns to return in drillthrough action
  • User Calculated Measures – calculated measures defined in Kyubit Business Intelligence

To assign Active Directory user/groups permissions to any of these objects, open certain object (needs Read/Write permission) and select “Permissions” in the up-right corner. Existing permissions will be shown in the list. Find users and groups from Active Directory and add them to the list. Mark users and groups and select “Remove” to remove them from object permissions.

BI Tool Permissions

To set that absolutely all users can see or edit given object, select “Add users” and mark “Everyone (Unrestricted access) and give “Read” or “Read/Write” permission.