Self-Service Analytics with Stunning Easiness

An amazing simple approach to user-friendly self-service analytics in the web user interface based on your OLAP/Tabular, SQL, or Excel/CSV data. In a few drag-and-drop steps, a business user creates analytics and insights to further visualize and share with others.

Do analytics in your own way

Do not wait for others to prepare reports and data analysis for you. Just drag-and-drop dimensions and measures to deep dive into analytics. Drop some filters that will slice all values. Click on the expand icon to drill down data and explore data in various possibilities with the intuitive user interface. The ultimate easiness of self-service analytics usage and adoption by the end users.
  • A comprehensive user interface environment presents all analytic elements on the observable screen.
  • A multidimensional structure (data source) on the left side, easy to browse and search for required dimensions, measures, and other elements for self-service analytics.
  • Drag-and-drop principles where users easily apply dimensions and measures to the designated areas of analysis.
  • Support for multiple measures and multiple dimension analysis on both axes (categories and series) easily forming a tree of drill-down insights with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Slicing the current view by dragging and dropping dimension attributes on the filter axis. Use Quick slicers for rapid filtering.
  • Easy dashboard creation with created analytics. Interactive dashboards with self-service analytics to slice, drill down and drill through any observable value for further insights.
  • Drill down any dimension member to deeper levels and discover new insights on the category or series axis.
  • Drill through the current visible value to the leaf level data and see more details related to the observed value.
  • Save analytics for later usage or share with other users. Export self-service analytics to Excel or PDF files.
  • Schedule email delivery of future analytic values at the scheduled time. Schedule your personal report delivery or orchestrate massive scheduled delivery for many recipients.

Important aspects for Self-service Analytics implemented by Kyubit

These aspects make self-service analytics a powerful tool for businesses to harness the power of their data to gain insights and make informed decisions. Essentially, self-service analytics brings independence to business users to explore data on their own with less organizational friction, and significantly reduces services of the IT department.

Self-service analytics Tools

Kyubit BI platform provides awesome tools for self-service analytics that stand out by its simplicity and easy user adoption. As soon as you connect to existing analytic data sources, like SSAS OLAP, and Tabular models, or prepare new 'Analytic Models' with self-service BI features based on the SQL, Excel, or CSV data within Kyubit, the user interface leads business users to start with their analytics and data exploration.
Tools for self-service analytics

How to start with Self-service Analytics?

  • Download and install the Kyubit BI Platform that delivers self-service analytics.
  • Quickly connect to your existing data sources, like SSAS OLAP, Tabular, SQL relational databases, Excel, or CSV files.
  • If a multidimensional data source does not exist (OLAP/Tabular), create an Analytic Model (multidimensional data source) based on data from SQL relational databases, Excel, or CSV files.
  • Create analytics by drag-and-drop measures and dimensions on the analysis surface and assign required filters.
  • Save analytics in the folder to share with other users.
  • Create a dashboard chart based on the saved analytics.
  • Schedule to receive fresh analytics data at the scheduled time on your email.

Get started with Kyubit's self-service analytics

Download BI Tools Download Kyubit BI Tools for 30 days of free product evaluation. A simple and quick setup delivers all features unlocked in the evaluation version. After the evaluation period, continue with a free personal edition license or purchase the appropriate commercial license for your organization. We will be happy to receive your feedback! Visit the Kyubit BI Tutorials page to help get you started.