Setup Kyubit Database

All analyses, reports, dashboard, queries and other objects within Kyubit BI tool are stored in Kyubit's internal SQL database with default name 'KyubitAnalysisDB'

When requested during setup, enter details for SQL Server instance and credentials that would be used to create SQL database for all Kyubit features to be stored. Name of the internal database, could also be adjusted if required.

  • Credentials for SQL Server in this step are only used for database setup!
  • Credentials for SQL Server has to be of user that belongs to SysAdmin SQL role, but again, defined credentials are not stored or used anywhere or anytime else.

BI Tool internal database

  • Make a Backup of Kyubit internal database and be sure you have all you need for disaster recovery of Kyubit BI Tool.
  • Backup/Restore with some minor tweaks, could be used to move your Kyubit environment to different servers (location).