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OLAP/SQL data based analytical Reports and Dashboards created in minutes, Secure collaboration, Scheduled reports delivery, Embedded BI features, and multitenancy support!

July, 2023 Release 6.1 with a biggest list of improvements so far.
December, 2022 Relese 6.0 with new Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting features.
July, 2022 Relese 5.5 new features, security and performance improvements.

Kyubit – Full-fledged business intelligence platform

The fastest way to create beautiful multidimensional analytic reports and dashboards based on your requirements while using your OLAP, SQL, and CSV data sources, to share them and collaborate with other users.

Business Intelligence Tools

Customer Support

Contact us on support@kyubit.com for assistance, questions or comments on Kyubit Business Intelligence in evaluation or production usage.

Product Manuals

Read usage details documentation with product manuals for installation and administration, Self-Service BI instructions, OLAP analysis manual and Dashboard user manual.


Watch Kyubit Self-hosted BI Tools Videos overview on our site or Kyubit channel on YouTube, showing most interesting features of Kyubit BI product in action.

Product Updates

Check Kyubit Self-hosted BI Tools most recent updates with new features and improvements. Upgrades are expected twice a year. Latest release 6.1 (July 2023)

Self-hosted BI Tools features

Features Sheet

Check product BI Features Sheet page to discover all important points of Kyubit Self-Hosted BI Tools usage, which also serves as good product possibilities reminder.

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Download the full version of KYUBIT Self-Hosted BI Tools. Download and setup will take only a few minutes. Send us your feedback on Kyubit BI impressions.


BI tools, on your premises

With Kyubit, you get all the analytical processing functionality in the environment you’re most comfortable with. Our on-premises OLAP BI solutions can be implemented on Windows-running devices and accessed through web browsers. You don’t have to bother with cloud setups or manipulate data sources in non-optimized applications – Kyubit is always at hand to drive growth within your organization.

Visualize your data

Your data is not only endless queries and strings of information. From interactive dashboards to multidimensional analytic reports, our online BI tools combine a plethora of visualization options to bring your data to life. Zoom in on OLAP, SQL and CSV data sets while creating dynamic charts to identify hidden patterns and trends across your finance, production or other organizational units.

Self Hosted BI Tools

Business Intelligence Tools, Self-Service-BI

Bring teams in and silos out

Let all teams and stakeholders analyze BI data and aid in decision-making. Our online BI software is available in various editions to let you collaborate with as many people as it takes to make the most of OLAP analysis. Each edition comes with multi-tenancy support to empower your enterprise to work together towards common goals without organizational silos

Analyze on your own

Are you sick and tired of waiting for IT or data analysts every time you have an ad-hoc data request? By accessing the Kyubit business intelligence software online, you’re also accessing its self-service capabilities. These have been embedded in all our tools to help you query, visualize, analyze and share data on the fly. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to do that.

KPI Software

Streamline planning and budgeting

Our software may have many use cases but excels at planning and budgeting. Optimized for these analytical applications, our solutions can accommodate all types of inputs to help you uncover insights into your financial performance. Drill up or down to make the figures easy to understand, allocate resources, predict opportunities and plan for the short or long term.

Collaborate while staying mobile

Our OLAP BI tools have nothing against remote analysts and teams. Whether you’re at home, in the boardroom or on a client site, stay connected and informed with Kyubit mobile solutions. Sync your devices with your on-premises business intelligence platform and collaborate with your colleagues on the same charts and data sets.

Mobile Business Intelligence platform

Choose your edition

Want to give our platform a trial run or dive headfirst into the heat of analytical action? Because we are a user-centered BI software company, we have several Kyubit editions to choose from, including free Personal Edition and unlimited feature-rich options.

Set your organization up for BI success with a subscription plan that works for you!

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