Connecting created Analyses and Queries with Visual elements of the Dashboard

Dashboard design and connecting with your data is a simple task with Kyubit BI software.
Drag-and-drop appropriate tiles (charts, kpis, gauges, tables, etc.) and set data feed for each tile.

Set visualization data from created analysis

Set visualization data from SQL and MDX queries

  • In dashboard design mode click edit tile icon.
  • Under 'Tile details' set existing or create new SQL or MDX query to be data feed for particular dashboard tile.

Set slicers for dashboard visualizations based on OLAP data

  • Click filter icon in the upper-right to toggle slicers display.
  • Set OLAP dimension members that would be slicer for all tiles based on same OLAP data source.
  • Slicers set in design time are default slicers for the same dashboard in usage time.
  • While users are using dashboard, they can temporary change slicers to analyze dashboard data of their interest.