Scheduled Reports and Dashboards Email Delivery

Receive fresh data and insights from your data sources by creating and scheduling reports and dashboards to be delivered on email at the scheduled time via Kyubit Subscription features.

How to schedule Reports & Dashboards based on OLAP/SQL data?

Avoid constant opening of reports and dashboards and let the system finds you with the latest updates at the scheduled time with fresh data on your email with reports and dashboards attached with Excel/PDF files or embedded HTML visualizations.
Scheduled Report received on email
Receive fresh data and insights from your data sources (OLAP, SQL) by creating and scheduling reports and dashboards to be delivered by email at the scheduled time, as PDF, Excel attachments or embedded email content.

Steps to schedule reports and dashboards email delivery

Kyubit Business Inteligence software consist of a web application and a Windows service application that is automatically installed with the product setup. After creating reports and dashboards, any authorised user can subscribe to reports and dashboards and schedule its delivery on his/hers email address. It is also possible to include multiple email addresses where the subscribed content will be delivered.

Multiple results in a single scheduled email

You can opt to receive multiple reports, dashboards, and SQL query results, all within a single email message! This way you can organize the delivery of a larger set of data related to the particular business topic in various forms and visualizations!


Manage scheduled email text templates

Prepare a custom email text for scheduled email reports to describe delivered content, and organize them into email text templates that will be repeatedly used for common business scenarios! Use simple text or HTML elements to create email template for a particular business case. Optionally, include dynamic values from exiting queries and analysis into the defined email text.

Scheduled Report Email Template

Manage Contacts and Contact Groups

Scheduled delivery of reports and dashboards could be initiated for an individual delivery, where a subscriber wishes to receive fresh data on the scheduled time, or it could be initiated for a broader audience, where a user creates a single scheduled report that will be received by many recipients, who even do not have to be a user of the Kyubit application! In that context, the application provides management of recipients contact details and the option to organize them in groups, so that every new scheduled subscription is quickly set up, targeting the right audience with a couple of mouse clicks!


Scheduled Report/Dashboard delivery to a specific 'Time Zone'

Use the preferred Time-Zone to deliver the content for the specified time in the related time zone if the server does not belong to the same time zone. For example, Kyubit BI is installed on the server in India. Users working with the application are located in Europe. When creating a new scheduled report/dashboard subscription, a user only needs to set the time and related time zone when the content will be delivered (otherwise, the content will be delivered at a defined time in the India time zone).

Scheduled Report Dashboard for specific Time Zone

Scheduled Dashboard Conditional Subscription

To avoid receiving the scheduled dashboard all the time on your email, but only in the moment of some business significance, optionally set the dashboard conditional scheduled subscriptions. The 'Conditional subscription' will check for the value in the first cell of given analysis or query and compare it with the defined threshold value. If the condition is met, the report will be delivered.


Impersonated Scheduled Subscriptions

By default, all reports and dashboards scheduled subscriptions are impersonated by the user who created the subscription. Impersonated subscription means that the data from SQL/OLAP data sources are queried/retrieved in the security context of the same user. This is important, because the same data values (and structure) could be different for different users, as users may not have the same permissions within the data source (For example, OLAP role-based security). Optionally, scheduled reports/dashboards subscriptions could be also run in the non-impersonated mode, which means that all data values (and structure) are always queried/retrieved in the same security context of the Windows account that runs the subscription service. To change/configure subscription service details, open the "Kyubit Subscription Panel" application.

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