Analysis & Dashboard Subscriptions

Important aspect of Kyubit Business Intelligence dashboards usage is to deliver Analyes and Dashboards to the users using email subscriptions, which contain dashboard data in form of HTML with embedded dashboard image or attached PDF document with dashboard details.

Every user of Kyubit Business Intelligence with at least ‘Read’ permission has privileges to make a subscription to dashboard and receive dashboard on email within scheduled time of delivery.

Every user can see all his own subscriptions (Analysis and Dashboards) in Kyubit Business Intelligence -> Dashboards section, where all his subscriptions could be managed.

BI Tool Subscriptions
  • Within Analysis or Dashboard user can see if he already has created subscription for the same object.
  • BI Tool Subscriptions

  • By click on “Subscribe” link, form with existing subscriptions of current user will be displayed with option to create new subscription, edit or delete existing.
  • BI Tool Subscriptions
There are several subscription settings that could impact the way users are receiving subscriptions. BI Tool Subscriptions

  • Subscription title, sets the name that will appear when delivering dashboard/analysis inside email message.
  • Subscription item, selects Kyubit Business Intelligence content (Analysis or Dashboard) to deliver within subscription. User can subscribe to all content with at least ‘Read’ permissions.
  • Occurs, defines scheduled time to deliver subscription. There are three different time scheduling categories:
  • - Weekly, set the week days to deliver subscription
  • - Monthly, set the month days to deliver subscription
  • - Once, set single day to deliver subscription
  • Time, sets time within day to deliver subscription
  • Recipients, list of email addresses to deliver subscription (separated by semicolon)
  • Include, type of delivered content
  • - Only link to Kyubit Business Intelligence dashboard
  • - Link + embedded dashboard image (user immediately sees dashboard image when opens email message)
  • - Link + PDF dashboard document
  • - Disable, all subscriptions marked disable will not be delivered at scheduled time.
Dashboard subscriptions have ability to be sent conditionally, depending on the one of containing KPI status. BI Tool Subscriptions

If dashboard contains at least one KPI, it could be used to set condition to send subscription. For example, if some Key performance indicator is in status “Fail”, subscription could be sent to alarm and inform appropriate users.
By default, subscriptions are performed in the context of “Kyubit Subscription” windows service logon user. In some cases, same user does not have access to dashboard or analysis data source. If impersonate user credentials are provided, subscription will be performed in the context of impersonated user, regardless of “Kyubit Subscription” windows service logon user. Impersonate feature could be also used to deliver data relevant for specific user. For example, one user could have permissions to see OLAP dimensions and measures, other user is not permitted. By setting specific user credentials subscribed content could be different for same analysis or dashboard than to other users.

BI Tool Subscriptions