Subscription Service Setup

Kyubit Subscription service is Windows service application with features to send subscription emails including attached analysis and dashboards created with Kyubit Business Intelligence software. Subscription service is installed together with Kyubit Business Intelligence application automatically, but it needs to be configured with environment specific details before it starts to deliver subscription emails...

When it comes to send email from Kyubit BI at scheduled time, Kyubit Subscription Service needs to be configured with several details before actually starts to send subscription emails. Open 'Kyubit Subscription Panel' application to configure required details.

  • Set 'Logon user'. This user must be real Windows/ActiveDirectory user (not service type of user). Same user account is used to connect to all data sources while retrieving data for subscribed analyses and dashboards
  • Set 'URL to Kyubit' site
  • Set 'URL to Kyubit' site that will be link in email message (if it is different)
  • Set SMTP server and connection details

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