Filtering OLAP data on the Grid

Drag-and-drop dimension hierarchy to filters area and narrow analysis to a particular point of interest.

Multiple filters could be selected to existing analysis. By dragging dimension hierarchies to Filters area, we prepare grid to accept filter parameters. Finally, to set filters, browse through dimension hierarchy or search for dimension hierarchy members to isolate analysis data. Dimension hierarchies could be dragged to filters area from the cube tree or, if exists, from the dimension hierarchies that are already placed to categories or series area. For example, we could add Calendar dimension hierarchy to filters area and select CY2003 which would narrow analysis and show values only for Calendar Year of 2003 for the given dimension hierarchies on the Categories and Series area. To remove filter from analysis, drag filter from Filters area to cube tree or select filter (one click) and press Delete key.

To find particular member to add to analysis filters, add dimension hierarchy to filters and select “Search” tab. Combine hierarchy members browsing and member search to find exact members for analysis filter. Type in part of the member name, select appropriate selector (contains, starts with, ends with, etc.) and select of dimension hierarchy level and narrow scope that will be searched to find members.

When narrowing our analysis to particular point of interest, we could drag dimension hierarchies to Filters area, but more practical and faster way to narrow analysis and reduce number of values shown in analysis is Isolating. While analyzing data, it is possible to select certain members on Categories or Series axis (Column or Row). Member and all of its children will be selected and highlighted in yellow color. In that moment, it is possible to click on the Isolate option in the analysis toolbar and instantly selected member and all of its children will be isolated for further analysis. This means, members not isolated on that axis will be removed from further analysis. It is possible to select multiple members on Categories or Series axis (Columns or Rows) at the same time by holding left shift button. After isolating, Filters area will be refreshed with actual filter members as a result of isolating. Isolating is just another way of setting up analysis filters and can be used together in the same analysis.

isolate olap members
For every added dimension level on grid analysis, it is possible to define level filtering that would narrow number of level members to show in grid. Click level arrow and select “Level value filtering” from level context menu. Level value filters could be applied using any cube defined measure, using desired query selector (Top, Top Percent, Bottom, Bottom Percent, Is Higher, Is Between, etc.) and specified filter value. Levels with defined “Level value filtering” will show different blue arrow on grid axis.

  • Click on the dimension level header and select 'Level Value Filtering'
  • olap level filtering

  • Set filtering parameters
  • olap level filtering

  • Dimension level now shows only filtered members
  • olap level filtering