Live data slideshow dashboard fullscreen visualizations

Display your important business insights and metrics as a fullscreen slideshow that shows live data from your databases to show current business performance and key data indicators in real time! Any created dashboard could be run as a slideshow with one click.

Real-time data monitoring fullscreen dashboard slideshow

Dashboard Slideshow

Kyubit BI software includes tools to create real-time data monitoring visualizations slideshow in minutes. Create data analytics or write SQL/MDX queries that connect to your SQL databases or SSAS OLAP/Tabular models. Create a new dashboard and choose visualizations that will be based on created analytics and queries. Click the 'Slideshow' button that will start a fullscreen dashboard slideshow querying data sources and presenting visualizations and metrics in real-time. While designing a dashboard user set slides transition duration and caching options that could cache return data and not query data sources for the same visualization for a defined time in minutes. All dashboard chart visualizations are transformed to fullscreen mode during slideshow presentation, presenting only chart/metric data, dashboard tile title and description for the displayed visualization. Slideshow logic rotates all dashboard visualization one by one, column by column, repeating until the slideshow page is closed.

Reasons for Real-Time Data Monitoring

Immediate Insights

Real-time data monitoring allows for immediate analysis and understanding of data as it is generated or received. This can lead to faster decision-making processes.

Proactive Problem Solving

It enables businesses to identify and address issues as they occur, preventing potential problems before they escalate.

Operational Efficiency

By providing a continuous flow of information from organization databases, it helps in optimizing operations, improving efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

Customer Experience

Real-time data can be used to enhance customer experience by providing personalized services, immediate feedback, or real-time updates.

Risk Management

It aids in risk management by providing real-time insights and alerts from the live data about any potential risks or threats, allowing for immediate action.

Competitive Advantage

Businesses that utilize real-time data can gain a competitive edge by staying informed about market trends and customer behavior, enabling them to react swiftly to changes in the business environment.

Data monitoring and Alerts

In addition to data monitoring on big screens, create 'Alerts' that will send an email to appropriate persons at the time the application discovers that a relevant KPI has reached a particular status (Fail, Success, Even). In other words, the alert will be triggered as soon as an important value reaches some defined threshold. KPI alerts present an important tool for data monitoring and ensure taking business actions at the right time.

Monitor and Present your data on big screens

The opportunity to display data visualizations and metrics as a fullscreen slideshow makes this feature ideal for data monitoring or presentations where a lot of people can see data at the same time on big screens. Key performance indicators and metrics are easy to track and current business performance is visualized and presented to the audience. As soon as data in related data sources is changed, slideshow visualizations will automatically reflect changes without any intervention.

dashboard slideshow
dashboard slideshow
dashboard slideshow

Get started with real-time data dashboard monitoring

Dashboards download Start with the Kyubit BI platform download for a 30-day evaluation and see Kyubit data slideshow features in action.
It is a simple and quick installation that will bring all features unlocked in evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries. Download Kyubit BI platform documentation which covers all aspects of Kyubit BI tools.