OLAP Time Intelligence Slicers with Kyubit BI Tools

Common OLAP reporting scenario includes filtering of data based on date period relative to current time, such is 'Last Week', 'Last 3 Months', 'Parallel Period', etc. There are different approaches to this filtering requirement and Kyubit BI tools now include additional option to make it easy for any analyst to filter any data based on relative time periods from the current date.

Using Time slicers

Time Intelligence filters could be used within OLAP analysis, OLAP reporting or in Dashboard. Prior to be used as time intelligence filter, OLAP dimension hierarchy needs to be configured (only once) in Kyubit application (explained below). After initial configuration, same OLAP dimension hierarchy could be used for relative time period filtering anywhere in Kyubit application, by any user.

Configure Time slicers

Time Dimension hierarchy could be used as Time Intelligence Slicer, once we have defined its level member unique name format. This action of configuration has to be done only once, after which all users can benefit from this configuration. Base for this feature is on application to find appropriate dimension member based on current date, after which is no problem to use 'Last Periods' or 'Parallel Period' functions to find any scope of periods relative to current date/time. For that reason, we have to define member unique name formatting for each of dimension levels we want to use as Time Intelligence Slicer.

Time Member Unique Name Format Examples...

Numbers in the member unique name should be replaced by certain date parts (Year, Semester, Quarter, Month, Week, Day), that would describe to application which date parts are needed to construct member unique name. It is easy to manually interpret member unique name format and replace by appropriate date part Placeholders. Placeholders are not case-sensitive.

Available date part Placeholders

Current year. Sample: 2017

Current semester. Sample: 2

Current semester with leading zero. Sample: 02

Current quarter. Sample: 4

Current quarter with leading zero. Sample: 04

Current month. Sample: 9

Current month with leading zero. Sample: 09

Current week. Sample: 2

Current week with leading zero. Sample: 02

Current day within a month. Sample: 5

<<Day> >
Current day within a month with leading zero. Sample: 05


  • Member Unique Name: [Date].[Calendar].[Month].&[2017]&[10]
    Resolves as ...
    Member Unique Name Format: [Date].[Calendar].[Month].&[<Year>]&[<Month>]

  • Member Unique Name: [Date].[Calendar].[Date].&[20141112]
    Resolves as ...
    Member Unique Name Format: [Date].[Calendar].[Date].&[<Year><<Month>><<Day>>]

  • Member Unique Name: [Date].[Fiscal Weeks].[Fiscal Week].&[32]&[2013]
    Resolves as ...
    Member Unique Name Format: [Date].[Fiscal Weeks].[Fiscal Week].&[<Week>]&[<Year>]

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