Free BI Tools with Kyubit Personal Edition

Free Personal Edition of Kyubit Business Intelligence Platform is designed for single user usage and with some limitations regarding available features. Still, it presents a fantastic and unprecedented set of BI features available to a single user that comes at no costs at all.


  • Majority of Kyubit standard features are available in 'Personal Edition'.
  • 'Personal Edition' is a permanent license with no time limits.
  • 'Personal Edition' is designed to be used from a single PC workstation, single user and maximum of 3 web browsers at the same time.
  • At any time, free edition license could be upgraded to one of the multi-user (standard) licenses.
  • Optionally, for 1-year of Kyubit BI product support, purchase Software Assurance.

Before you request 'Personal Edition' license, please download and setup Kyubit BI and read your 'System Name' visible in Administration -> Licensing form, required for the license request.


Requests will be handled within 24 hours.
Contact for any additional inquiries or assistance.

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