Free BI Tools with Kyubit Personal Edition

Free Personal Edition of Kyubit self-hosted BI platform is designed for single user usage and with some limitations regarding available features. Still, it presents a fantastic and unprecedented set of BI features available to a single user that comes at no costs at all.


  • Majority of Kyubit standard features are available in 'Personal Edition'.
  • 'Personal Edition' is a permanent license with no time limits.
  • 'Personal Edition' is designed to be used from a single PC workstation, single user and maximum of 3 web browsers at the same time.
  • At any time, free edition license could be upgraded to one of the multi-user (standard) licenses.
  • Optionally, for 1-year of Kyubit BI product support, purchase Software Assurance.

Before you request 'Personal Edition' license, please download and setup Kyubit BI and read your 'System Name' visible in Administration -> Licensing form, required for the license request.


Requests will be handled within 24 hours.
Contact for any additional inquiries or assistance.

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