Purchase Subscription License

Subscription license grants you Kyubit BI usage, upgrade and product support for the period of 1-year, after which you can choose to continue or discontinue product subscription license. Subscription license model provides more flexibility in application usage lifecycle. After subscription period ends, you can continue to use Kyubit with a different subscription plan. Within a subscription period, it is possible to upgrade your subscription plan. To purchase Kyubit subscription license, click the 'Purchase' button and choose between Proforma Invoice request or Purchase online. For additional questions or special purchase requests, contact us on sales@kyubit.com

Team Edition$295

Per Year

$2.45 per user/month Purchase
1-Year Subscription plan

Standard Edition$495

Per Year

$0.82 per user/month Purchase
1-Year Subscription plan
  • 50 Users
  • 8 Data Sources
  • 20 Dashboards
  • 20 Analytic Models
  • Included Multilingual support
  • Not Included Discussions
  • Not Included Activity Log
  • Not Allowed Internet Access
  • Not Allowed White-Label
  • Included Support & Upgrade
+ QA Licenses

Enterprise Edition$1295

Per Year

Unlimited Edition
1-Year Subscription plan + TEST/QA LICENSES
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Unlimited Analytic Models
  • Included Multilingual support
  • Included Discussions
  • Included Activity Log
  • Allowed Internet Access
  • Allowed White-Label
  • Included Support & Upgrade

Multitenant EditionContact Us

One instance serves BI content for many mutually isolated organizations/companies.
  • Included Enterprise Edition Features
  • Included Multitenancy Support

Learn more about Kyubit Multitenant Mode.
To purchase Kyubit Business Intelligence product license, select preferred item and select 'Purchase' button to redirect you to secure form page to finalize online purchase or request 'Proforma Invoice'. Various payment methods are allowed within purchase process: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Phone, Fax, Mail / Check / Money Order, Purchase Order, and Local Bank Transfer. An additional VAT charge applies for EU customers who do not supply their own VAT number when placing an order.