Dashboards and Analyses Multipage Report

Multipage Report consist of more analyses and dashboards on the same report with tabs above to quickly switch from one analysis or dashboard to another.

Multipage Report groups dashboards and analyses of common interest, so users do not have to look for the same on several different places on the portal. After you create Multipage Report simply send link to someone, who will be able to see all related BI content without having to leave the page.

OLAP software Create Multipage Report

To create Multipage report, click on New Dashboard / New Multipage Report button and select analyses, dashboards and order of appearance for the Multipage report.

  • Click on New Dashboard / New Multipage Report button
  • Select analyses and dashboards to appear on the Multipage report
  • Select order of appearance of Dashboards and Analyses
  • Set Name and Description for Multipage Report and Save.
  • Multipage Report is displayed in Folder with Dashboards and could be shared with other users by moving to shared folders.