Setup Kyubit User

Kyubit application requires one real user account to be given during setup time. Same user account application will use for activities such as Active Directory search, connection to Kyubit internal database, etc.

When requested during setup, set 'user name' and 'password' for user account which Kyubit BI will use in production.

Add user name and password in the following form...

  • Domainname\username (if machine is added to domain)
  • Machinename\username (if machine is not part of the domain)

BI Tool application user

Kyubit User Account will be used on following places. In case, if it needs to be replaced in the future, reinstall Kyubit BI or manually replace on the following items.

  • IIS -> Kyubit Application Pool -> Identity
  • SQL Server - KyubitAnalysisDB (internal database) -> DB Owner