Kyubit BI Tools Videos

Videos of Kyubit BI tools presenting OLAP/Tabular analysis, Self-service analytics, interactive dashboard & KPIs, and Planning/Budgeting features in action. Watch videos on the Kyubit website or Kyubit YouTube Channel, showing the most interesting Kyubit BI platform tools and features.

Kyubit BI Tools Overview

Overview of features in Kyubit self-Hosted BI platform and tools. This video shows the most common self-service analytics and interactive BI Dashboard features. Kyubit BI platform is designed for OLAP/Tabular analysis, self-service analytics based on SQL, Excel and CSV data, and business dashboards management based on, all within the web browser and user-friendly user interface.

60 Minutes Kyubit BI Tutorial

This longer video tutorial explains how to create your business intelligence environment from scratch with the sample sales data. Step-by-step you will learn how to use main Kyubit BI tools and features to create a meaningful, mutually connected BI content, beautiful and insightful analyses and dashboards. (Applies to OLAP/Tabular analysis or Self-Service BI)

Scheduled Reports and Dashboards delivery

Receive fresh data and insights from your data sources (OLAP, SQL) by creating and scheduling reports and dashboards to be delivered by email at the scheduled time, as PDF, Excel attachments or embedded email content.

Modern OLAP Analysis

A modern browser-based OLAP analysis introduce new concepts of OLAP data analysis. New ways to analyze, discover, share, embed or subscribe to OLAP multidimensional and tabular data. With improvements in browser engines and HTML5/CSS3 technologies, new concepts emerged on how we analyze OLAP data.

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Discover Kyubit approach to Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting in this features overview video explaining the prerequisites, planning steps, workflow, Excel-like data input, dashboard visualizations and overall benefits for the organization related to this topic.

Self-Service BI based on CSV files or SQL query results

Analyze your data based on CSV files or SQL query results. Quickly convert your data for Self-Service BI. Create Analytics, Reports or interactive Dashboards, that you can share with other users. Many analytic features available to drill-down, drill-through, slice and visualize analytic data using your web browser.

Dashboard Features

New application user experience, 'Free positioning' dashboard layout, OLAP time intelligence slicers, Analysis grid PDF export, PDF export overall improvements and many other features are ready for action

OLAP Analysis with Kyubit BI

OLAP Decomposition analysis, OLAP on interactive Dashboards, Dashboard customizations, Dashboards visualizations slideshow and more BI tools and features from Kyubit.

Embed BI to your app

Integrate OLAP Reports & Dashboards within your environment and use the power of data analysis and visualizations, working together with your application requirements.