OLAP Software for analysis, reporting and visualizations

'Kyubit Business Intelligence' is OLAP software that includes sophisticated features for advanced OLAP data analysis, visualizations, creation and sharing of OLAP reports and Dashboards. User friendly interface, fast performance and stunning visualizations are primary features of Kyubit OLAP software.

Kyubit OLAP software overview

'Kyubit Business Intelligence' is web based OLAP software designed for MS Analysis Services environment (SSAS) with features to analyze, visualize, share and integrate OLAP data. Quick and simple installation, rich and interactive analysis are some of most popular remarks for this OLAP software. Kyubit Business Intelligence OLAP software includes ad hoc OLAP analysis within OLAP grid or OLAP chart and makes essential analysis operations very easy and intuitive. All Kyubit OLAP software users have options to subscribe to a certain OLAP report analysis and schedule time to receive email that contains OLAP report in grid and/or chart format. Subscription email contains embedded chart image, grid and link to open analysis in OLAP software for further OLAP analysis operations and activities. Scheduled OLAP reports provides ability to receive fresh OLAP data on a regular basis and recipient event does not have to know that there is certain OLAP software behind received email.

OLAP software

Quick tour on OLAP software features

Quick Setup

It takes few minutes to download, install and utilize Kyubit OLAP software.

Grid Analysis

Powerful 2-axes, multi-measure, intuitive OLAP grid analysis.

Chart (Visual) Analysis

Interactive charts for OLAP analysis and visualization with Kyubit OLAP software.

Drag-and-drop experience

Easy to adopt, intuitive, drag-and-drop user experience.


Share analysis with colleagues on your intranet.

Dynamic drillthrough

Dynamically define drillthrough columns to show while drillthrough with OLAP client.


Export your analysis to Excel and PDF.


Create OLAP report scheduled subscriptions to existing analysis.


OLAP report data integration with other web application (SharePoint).

Use on Dashboards

Use created OLAP analysis to present your OLAP data on Dashboard.

Get started with Kyubit OLAP software

Dashboards download Download 30 days evaluation of 'Kyubit Business Intelligence' and see Kyubit OLAP software features in action.
It is a simple and quick installation that will bring all features unlocked in evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries.
Download 'Kyubit Business Intelligence OLAP analysis - User Manual' which covers all aspects of 'Kyubit Business Intelligence' OLAP software.