Multitenant Mode

Running single Kyubit BI application instance for multiple organizations/users, completely separated from each other on data level.

By default, Kyubit BI is running in single-tenant mode, which means that single organization is using application and created objects (Reports, Dashboards, etc.) are visible to any user from organization with appropriate permissions. When running in Multi-tenant mode, multiple organizations with its users are using application in such way, that no single information from one tenant (organization) is visible to other tenant users. Administrator of one tenant could see and manage data only within his tenant. Multi-tenant mode is available only with Kyubit Users Authentication.

While running in multi-tenant mode, Kyubit BI is still one instance of application and using one internal database, which structure is designed to meet multi-tenant functionality.

To use multi-tenant in production, 'Multi-tenant Edition' license is required.

BI Tool Multitenant
Only administrator of root tenant (default tenant) is considered as master administrator and has privileges to manage application tenants.

 How to configure

  • First, configure Kyubit Users Authentication required for multi-tenant mode. After this step you will have a Kyubit user who is master administrator with privileges to manage tenants.
  • Open your web.config file (C:\Program Files\Kyubit\BusinessIntelligence) and set "Multitenant" setting to "1".
    <add key="Multitenant" value="1" />
  • After you login with master administrator within "Administration" section there will be options to manage tenants.
  • Create new tenants
  • Create new users (Administration -> Users & Admins -> Create User ) and set each tenant appropriate administrators. From that moment created users can login to Kyubit BI and manage their own tenant users, groups or any data.
  • Each tenant can have associated Windows account to be used, while accessing data sources requiring Windows Authentication (SSAS, for example). Optionally, each user could have associated his own Windows account for the same purpose.
BI Tool Multitenant