Multilingual User Interface

Implement Kyubit BI User Interface in one of the supported languages or contact us to provide support for additional language.

Kyubit BI User Interface is implemented using English language by default, but within minute you can setup User Interface to work with one of supported languages delivered within Kyubit setup.

User interface is supported in one of the following languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Norweigan, Russian and Croatian.
BI Tool languages

 How to configure

  • Go to your installation folder (typically program files/Kyubit/BusinessIntelligence) and locate "Multilingual" folder.
  • Within "Miltilingual" folder locate folder with your language and copy contents (images folder and languange.config) to "CurrentLanguage" folder.
  • Reset your IIS, or recycle "KyubitAnalysisPool" and your language should be ready to use.
- If you find some translation issues, let us know we will provide fix
- Error messages are not translated for convenience to faster locate eventual problems
- If you need Kyubit Business Intelligence to be available in more than one language at the same time, we will send you instructions how to configure multiple applications with separate user interface language implemented.