Licensing and Purchase Options

Learn about Kyubit Charts Licensing models. Use Kyubit charts with no license for test or development purposes, or obtain a production license for production usage. For further questions or tailored quotes, contact us at
* Charts included in this license are 'Time Analysis Charts' (Animated Bubble Chart, Animated Bar Chart, and Animated Butterfly Chart).

No LicenseFree

Download Kyubit Charts Library and use it with no license for the following purposes...

  • Evaluation - You may evaluate the Kyubit Charts Library for non-production purposes only.
  • Development - You may use the Kyubit Charts Library to develop and test your web applications.
  • For production use of the Kyubit Charts Library in any web application or website, a production license (Domain or OEM) must be purchased.
  • Using the Kyubit Charts Library with no license includes the display of a 'Trial Mode' watermark on the charts and other behavior specific for the usage with no license.

OEM LicenseContact Us

Please send an inquiry with details about your business requirements to

  • Allows Kyubit Charts Library production usage on multiple websites (or web applications).
  • No limits to the number of users that use Kyubit Charts Library.
  • The license is issued to a specific company or organization that owns or manages the host website or web application.
  • Allowed distribution of the Kyubit Charts Library to multiple customers, while distributing the host web application.
  • Allowed usage of Kyubit Charts Library in a multitenant website (or web application).*
  • Kyubit Charts Library support and upgrades are included in the OEM license price.

* Subsequent purchases from the same company/organization come with a 20% discount. Please contact to arrange.

* The Domain License is issued for a specific URL domain. If the hosted website (or web application) does not match the licensed domain, Kyubit charts will behave as if there is no license applied.
Examples of licensed URL domains:
If the website URL is, the licensed domain should be
If the website URL is, the licensed domain should
If the website URL is, the licensed domain should be
The license will support both the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. The license will support any URL that includes the licensed domain.

* Multitenant web applications are those where users access the web application to see their own data completely isolated from the data of other users. This option requires an OEM license.

The license purchase could be completed online or with a direct bank transfer to Kyubit. For direct bank transfer contact us at to send you the quote document with our bank details. Various payment methods are allowed when purchasing online: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Phone, Fax, Mail / Check / Money Order, Purchase Order, and Local Bank Transfer. An additional VAT charge applies for EU customers who do not supply their own VAT number when placing an order.