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Experience a unique Javascript charting library designed for sophisticated data visualization and analytics. Easy to implement for web developers and business users, and excel in advanced charting capabilities and superior quality!


Historical Data Analysis & Animated Changes in Time

Experience the simplicity and power of visual storytelling with our dynamic, animated charts. They offer an effortless way to showcase historical data and the progression of values over time. These charts don't just display data; they tell a compelling story, highlighting key events, identifying leaders, and spotlighting top performers.

Our JavaScript chart library is specifically designed for time-series data visualizations and analytics. It provides a comprehensive view of data trends over time, offering a wealth of features for in-depth analysis. You can play or pause the data flow, jump to a specific period, zoom in for a closer look, compare different periods, and trace history lines. You can also switch between logarithmic and linear scales to suit your analytical needs.

Animated Bubble Chart

Historical values are displayed with bubbles changing the size, and horizontal and vertical position through time.
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(Click the play button to the start animation. Pause and use the mouse wheel to zoom into the values.)

Animated Bar Chart

Animated Bar Chart Race to the Top to quickly identify leaders and best performers through time.
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(Click the play button to start the animation.)

Animated Butterfly Chart

Compare values from two groups of items through the time with the animated Bi-directional bar chart.
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(Click the play button to start the animation.)

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For an immersive experience, use the fullscreen option. And there's more! Our charts are versatile and can be used in various ways. Embed them into a website using a simple JavaScript code, use them as standalone HTML/JavaScript files, or integrate them within the Kyubit BI platform. We aim to make data analysis not just informative, but also engaging and intuitive. With our chart library, you can transform raw data into meaningful insights and share your findings in a visually appealing way.

JavaScript Charts Library Download Begin your journey with the Kyubit Charts Library. Download it now and evaluate the charts using your own data. Seamlessly integrate the Kyubit JavaScript library into your website or web application—it's as simple as adding a single JavaScript file to your page. Get started with stunning chart visualizations! 🚀