How to connect to Azure Analysis Services with username and password?

In a few steps, you can configure your Azure Analysis Services instance, and prepare a connections string with a username and password that could be used from various applications (using the ADOMD.NET client libraries) to create a connection and start analyzing data from tabular models. In this article, an example of connection with sample data is described with step-by-step actions. [...]

Web Based OLAP Front End Solution

OLAP data analysis provides great insights into your business situation and breaks down numbers you were not even aware of, from high level to low level segments of your data granularity. Such analysis, insights, and visualizations are more valuable to your organization if available online using your internet browser. End users within the organization do not have to install anything on their PC stations, while analyses and reports are easy to share and collaborate on with appropriate users [...]

The Fastest Way to Implement Real-Time, Interactive Dashboards from Your OLAP & SQL Databases

So, your boss told you to prepare interactive dashboards related to your business that could be easily shared with other colleagues and all based on data in your SQL and OLAP databases. The weekend has gone too soon and now you have to think of something while your boss is still drinking Monday coffee. Finally you remember what you've heard about 'Kyubit BI' and decide to give it a try. You will learn that coffee time leaves enough space to build dashboards with this software. Well, hold on tight... [...]

OLAP analysis and the Custom Drill-through feature

When it comes to identifying the lowest structure of your OLAP analysis data and actual entities from which whole measures are aggregated, the Drill-through feature is an irreplaceable analytic tool, however Drill-through columns to return are defined within OLAP cube definition and what if we need ad-hoc different drill-through columns to return? Should we call a BI engineer to make the requested update in the cube or do we have some other options right now?