Key Performance Indicators shows quick overview of analysis results and categorize returned values as good or bad. Kyubit Business Intelligence offers functionalities to define performance bounds for a certain analysis and shape them as KPI along desired returned values.

KPI threshold can be defined for whole analysis grid level, column or cell level. KPI is saved along with Analysis and each time is executed it shows KPI for defined elements.


KPI can be defined and used only in analysis grid view. After certain analysis is executed and results are show in grid view, right click on any cell will show options to define KPI threshold for:

  • Grid view KPI - for every value in grid KPI will be shown based on a single KPI threshold on grid level
  • Column KPI - for every value in specified column KPI will be shown based on a KPI threshold on a given column
  • Cell KPI – KPI will be show for a specified cell with threshold that is defined uniquely for that cell
KPI definition panel will show up with KPI details for a given element. To define a KPI it is necessary to define:

  • Scoring pattern –“Increasing is better” (higher values are better), “Decreasing is better” (lower values are better).
  • “Good” limit – values over this limit are show as “Success” KPI icon,
  • “Bad” limit – values bellow this limit are shown with “Fail” KPI icon.
To see all defined KPI for a certain analysis, open Analysis, right click on empty area and select “Show all KPI’s” from context menu. A list with all defined KPI thresholds will be displayed with indicator for which grid element this KPI is associated with. To view or change KPI details, open KPI definition panel from the list.