How users are identified and how permissions are granted on the BI content within Kyubit BI app? Use one of the following authentication mechanisms:
- Windows Integrated Authentication (Default)
- Windows Login Form Authentication
- Kyubit Users Authentication
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Subscription Service

Setup your Kyubit Subscription service, that will deliver created Report and Dashboard subscriptions using email at scheduled time.
It takes to configure few options regarding your email sending preferences, account to be used with subscription service, email template and impersonation options.
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Multilingual Options

By default, Kyubit BI user interface is in English language. Learn how you can setup Kyubit BI application instance to work with one of 10 available languages. Learn how to quickly setup OLAP translation language to be used for each user individually.
Contact us for additional languages support.
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Embedded BI within Your App

Use created OLAP Reports, Analyses, Dashboards, KPIs, Queries and Visual Metrics in Kyubit BI to be rendered within your solution providing great data visualizations and OLAP analytic features. Use several simple approaches to embed Business Intelligence within your app.
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BI Tool features

Multitenant Mode

By default, Kyubit BI is running in Single-tenant mode, designed to be used within single organization. Learn about Multi-tenant mode, which should be used when single Kyubit application instance is used by many organizations or individuals, completely separated on the data level.
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Mobile View

Access created dashboards and KPIs with mobile devices. Learn how easy is for any user with access to Kyubit Business Intelligence to access authorized dashboards using mobile view. Use OLAP drill down, drill through analytic features on the dashboards charts available with mobile view.
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Configuration Settings

Customize Kyubit BI web application behaviour related to various aspects of application usage to meet your environment requests. In order to change configurable details, open web.config file located in Kyubit Business Intelligence installation path (Typically, C:\Program Files\Kyubit\BusinessIntelligence) and change one of the configuration settings which exists in the following form:

<add key="[ConfigurationSetting]" value="[Value]"/>

Setting Value
MaxAxisMembers Maximum allowed members (Items) on each axis in the OLAP analysis grid. (Default value, 20000)
MaxReturnedCells Maximum allowed number of cells returned by the OLAP analysis. (Default value, 50000)
MaxRowsDrillthrough Maximum allowed number of rows returned by the OLAP drillthrough. (Default value, 250000)
MaxMembersSearch Maximum allowed number of members while searching for members. (Default value, 10000)
ActiveDirectorySearchUserName Managed from setup.exe. Start setup.exe and in upper right corner select ‘wheel’ button to configure new value.
ActiveDirectorySearchUserPassword Managed from setup.exe. Start setup.exe and in upper right corner select ‘wheel’ button to configure new value
FolderAnalaysisSorting Default sorting in Kyubit Business Intelligence folders could be applied to 4 columns (AnalysisID, Title, DataSourceName and CreatedBy). Any combination of four columns is allowed, separated with comma. Descending sort order is defined with keyword "Desc" after column name. For example… “ORDER BY DataSourceName Desc, CreatedBy, Title”
ADMachineSearchContext To configure Kyubit Business Intelligence to work with local machine users and groups, instead of Active Directory, set your local machine name in the setting.
LoginForm Configuring authentication modes. Please read section 1.4 of Administration manual for more details.
HideDashboardPDFFilters To configure Kyubit BI not to display filters while exporting Dashboard to PDF file, set value to “1”.
OnlyAdminCubes To allow that only administrator can manage data sources, set value to “1”.
OnlyAdminSubscriptions To allow that only administrator can manage subscriptions, set value to “1”.
OnlyAdminSharedItems To allow that only administrator can manage OLAP Shared Items section, set value to “1”.
OnlyAdminKPI To allow that only administrator can manage KPI section, set value to “1”.
OnlyAdminQueries To allow that only administrator can manage Queries section, set value to “1”.
OnlyAdminCreateFolder To allow that only administrator can create new folders, set value to “1”.
OnlyAdminCreateAnalysis To allow that only administrator can create new analysis, set value to “1”.
OnlyAdminCreateDashboard To allow that only administrator can create new dashboard, set value to “1”.
CSVDelimiter Set delimiter character which will be applied when exporting analysis to CSV file. (Default value is “,”)
EncryptDataSource When creating a data source in Kyubit application, all data source connectivity details are encrypted for security reasons using following configuration. To disable encryptions set value to „0“. (Default value is “1”)
DefaultAnalysisAggregation Default aggregate function in OLAP analysis, applied only if user did not select his preference in 'User Settings' form. Possible values: None=0, Sum=1, Min=2, Max=3, Count=4, Avg=5, [All]=6. (Default value is “1”)
VerboseLogging To set more detailed logging of application errors, related to export of dashboard to PDF.
DisableComments To disable dashboard 'Commenting' features completely, set value to „1“.
DisableAudit To avoid application tracking of user actions in the application, set value to „1“.
DisableDashboards To disable dashboard features completely, set value to „1“.
DisableUserSettings To disable user settings form, set value to „1“.
OLAPFilterSelectionMethod Default OLAP filter member selection method/Tab ( 0 = Browse, 1 = Search).
DefaultDataTranslationLanguage If user did not select his default data translation language, this value will be used. This setting is applicable if OLAP cube is built with different data translation language options. (For example. None=0, French=1036, Russian=1049, etc.)
AutoWindowsUserActivation Automatic Windows User activation. First time user connects to application, will be automatically added to application users. (Default value is „1“). If this setting is set to „0“, each new user needs to me manually added to application in Administration -> Users & Admin form. Note, that even if user will automatically become application user, he will not get authorization to any created application object. Authorization to particular application object (Analysis, Dashboard, etc.) needs to be manually assign by the person with permissions Read/Write on particular object.
Multitenant Set Kyubit application to work in Multitenant mode. Requires „LoginForm“ setting to be „2“ (Multitenant mode works only with 'Kyubit Users and Groups Authentication'). For more details read about 'Multitenant' section of the Administration user manual.
NonImpersonatedSubscriptions By default, all subscriptions (to send analysis or dashboard on email) are executed in the context of the user who created subscription. Setting this value to “1” will disregard credentials of the subscription creators and subscriptions will be send in the context of the Windows account running Kyubit Subscription service.
MinimizedTablePDFExport While exporting dashboard to ‘Simple PDF’, set this value to “1” to minimize ‘Table charts’ on the dashboard. Displaying only ten rows and two columns at most.
TopMargin, RightMargin, BottomMargin, LeftMargin Sets margins defaults when exporting dashboard to PDF file. Default values are TopMargin=20, RightMargin=30, BottomMargin=20 and LeftMargin=40.
PDFFontSize Sets default 'Font Size' defaults when exporting dashboard to PDF file.
ReopeningConnections While analyzing in Grid/Chart view, OLAP connection is kept alive for performance reasons. To reset connection after each MDX query, set this value to „1“.
PartialOLAPStructure By default, all OLAP cube structure is retrieved in Grid analysis. To retrieve OLAP cube structure partially, as individual measures/dimensions are selected, set this value to „1“. Could have significant performance gains when using OLAP cubes with many measures and dimensions.
ExtraAdministrator Administrators are managed in application sections ‘Administration’, but here is additional option to configure additional administrator by his login name, without entering application
HideDashboardBreadcrumb If set to „1“, dashboard breadcrumbs will be hidden.
ActivityLogRetentionDays If set to number higher than 0, it will represent a number of days after which activity log entries will be deleted.
HomePageConfig Configure home page in the web.config file Administrator has an option to configure display of home page right section in the web.config file and on this way ensure what users will see on the home page. Example… This attribute in the web.config file expects several values separated by comma (,).

1st value = (1) Tutorial and Help links, (2) My Recent Content and Most popular by all users, (3) custom query/analysis charts.

If the first value is (3) custom query/analysis charts, then:
2nd value = A or Q (Analysis or Query) for the first chart.
3rd value = Analysis ID or Query ID for the first chart.
4th value = Chart type for the first chart. One of the following values (Column_Chart, Column_Stack, Line_Chart, Spline_Chart, Bar_Chart, Bar_Stack, HeatMap, Area_Chart, Area_Stack, Pie_Chart, Doughnut_Chart, Bubble_Chart, Card, Scorecard).
5th value = Second chart title.
6th value = A or Q (Analysis or Query) for the second chart.
7th value = Analysis ID or Query ID for the second chart.
8th value = Chart type for the second chart.
9th value = Second chart title.
WhereClauseDefaultChoice This attribute sets the application to use OLAP filtering with the default "WHERE" instead of the "SUBCUBE" filtering option.
HideDashboardFilterButton This attribute hides the dashboard filter button while not working in the dashboard design view. If the dashboard is saved with the filter panel closed, using this option, the end-user will not be able to see the dashboard filters applied (if for any reason, this is a convenient behavior for the current environment).
CloneToMyFolder Move cloned analysis and dashboards to my Analysis/Dashboards folder after cloning. (Instead of clone items to the same folder of the original item)
MobileDeviceAutoRedirect Auto redirects requests from mobile devices to mobile friendly URL.
VisitorCanChangeInitialFilters Controls if a 'Visitor' role can change initial filters on analyses and dashboards.
HideTutorials When this value is set to 1, the application does not offer tutorial content to the users.
KPILastChangePercentDecimals Configure Dashboard KPI change percent number of decimal digits.
LogoBox Controls display of the Logo box on the reports and dashboards (set to '0' to hide). Logo box is visible only with Company and Enterprise Edition license.
PassMinLength Kyubit users password minimum length.
PassIncludeUpperLower The password must include upper and lower case characters (Kyubit users).
PassIncludeNumeric The password must include a numeric character (Kyubit users).
PassIncludeSpecialCharacter The password must include a special character (Kyubit users).
PassExpireDays The password expires after a number days (Kyubit users).
DataProperietaryStatement The Data proprietary statement is configurable and visible at the bottom of all content exported from the Kyubit application (Excel, PDF, CSV files)