Embedded BI features - designed to integrate Analytics, Interactive Charts, Dashboards and KPIs with your Solution

Discover ways to integrate Kyubit Business Intelligence features with your web site/application and use embedded analytics features on your existing site or application.

HTML/Javascript Embedded BI

Embedded BI by including Kyubit Javascript/CSS files to your web site/application to integrate OLAP/SQL embedded analytics and data visualizations. Embedded BI Kyubit visualizations enables users of your solution to analyze OLAP/SQL/CSV data directly on your site, using Kyubit embedded analytic features like Drill-Down, Drill-through, 'Large View', Export to Excel, customize appearance, Caching and other.

<script type='text/javascript'>
$(document).ready(function ()
    $kyu.initVisualization('testDiv', {
        name: 'My Visualization',
        analysisId: 2053,
        chartType: 'Column_Chart',
        colorPallete: 0,
        allowLargeView: true,
        refreshTime: 5

HTML/Javascript embedded BI approach advantage is integration quality and fine tuning of embedded analytics behaviour options.

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Embedded BI approach to include whole OLAP/SQL Analysis Report or Dashboard to your site, use IFRAME HTML embedded analytics options. Created Analysis or Dashboard within Kyubit application is included to your site with single line of HTML and ready for your site user data discovery and usage with custom visual preferences to best fit to your existing user interface experience.

<iframe id="dashFrame" 

IFRAME embedded BI approach advantage is speed and OLAP and Dashboard behaviour exactly as within Kyubit application.

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