OLAP Analysis using decomposition approach

Unlike standard Grid/Chart OLAP analysis, Decomposition analysis enables data analysis in multiple steps, while user can see all the steps at the same time and has ability to change each step definition at any time.

OLAP Analysis in multiple decomposition steps...

Decomposition Analysis consists of analysis levels (steps) added with option to select level members that we would like to explore in subsequent levels we are about to add to see details of analysis interest. This is data drill-down in multiple steps, with great possibility to change selected members of any level, at any time. After you click any level member, it will be included in level selection and complete decomposition tree will be recalculated and visualized with new selection. Decomposition analysis can be saved and shared with other authorized users, collaborate by adding comments and decomposition leaf (last) level can be used to visualize data on the dashboards. Saved decomposition analysis are displayed in 'Analysis' section of the application with its characteristic icon.

Decomposition options

At each decomposition level, user can select visualization type that best fit current data and nature of analysis (Column Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Doughnut Chart, Table Chart). Level members can be sorted and members can be isolated by TOP n items to narrow level members display of dimensions hierarchies with lots of members. Each Level can be opened in enlarged view with options to visualize and explore decomposition level using whole screen, export decomposition level data in Excel file (with or without chart visualization) or perform Drill-Through actions built in OLAP cube or created ad-hoc in Kyubit Business Intelligence application. If appropriate at certain point, continue particular decomposition level analysis with standard Grid/Chart analysis in a separate window tab. All decomposition levels can be isolated with additional filters that are added on the top of the analysis and are applied to all visible data on the decomposition tree.

olap analysis decomposition

Sample Decomposition Analysis

  • 'Country' dimension level is added. Members 'United States', 'Canada' and 'Germany' are selected.
  • 'Model Name' dimension level is added. Showing only 'Model Name' members that exists within 'United States', 'Canada' and 'Germany' scope.
  • 'Months of year' dimension level is added showing data only that applies for above levels selected members.
  • At any time changes selected members of any level to see new analysis data.

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