Grid Analysis

Drag-and-drop dimensions and measures on grid analysis with two expandable axes and great set of analytic abilities.

User Calculated Measures

Within Kyubit Self-Hosted BI Tools create, use and share 'Calculated Measures' based on custom expressions.

Custom Drill-throughs

Use drill-through actions or create custom 'Drill-throughs' with requested columns inside Kyubit Self-Hosted BI Tools.

Sorting Options

Sort analysis data by Row or Columns or within individual dimension levels. Alphabetically, by specific measure or even by specific measure of the item on the opposite axis.

Decomposition Analysis (OLAP)

Explore OLAP data by visually drilling down data level by level, while user can see all the steps at the same time and has ability to change each step definition at any time.


Make comments or even start discussions on the analysis with your team colleagues.

Grid KPI

Create analysis grid KPIs that visually indicate success status of certain cells in the grid, column or in specific cell.

Color/Style Formatting

Format certain cells to stand out visually for grid, column or in specific cell. Formatting could be applied statically or dynamically depending grid KPI status.

What-If Analysis (OLAP)

Change value of the cell in the grid analysis, to explore what-if scenarios with data on the grid.

User Properties (OLAP)

Create application level 'User Properties' that could be used for OLAP and SQL data filtering of created analysis and dashboards. Create single analysis or dashboard, while each user will see only data of his interest on created content.

Chart Analysis

Visually explore analysis data with many analytic and slicing abilities. Customize charts and visual appearance.

Custom Named Set (OLAP)

Within Kyubit Self-Hosted BI Tools create, use and share 'Named Sets' that does not exist in OLAP cube.


Drag-and-drop dimension hierarchies to select data slicers or click on the data on the grid and 'Isolate' action.

OLAP Time Intelligence

Configure Time Intelligence to be quickly used by other users for time relative filters. Last Period or Parallel Period slicers.

Export to PDF/Excel/CSV

Any stage of analysis data export to PDF, Excel or CSV file, together grid data and analysis chart, with additional export preferences.

Share Analysis

Share created analysis with other users or groups, using permissions on shared folders.

Subscribe to Analysis

Define scheduled time to receive fresh analysis data on your email.

Use as Report

Configure reports for users who only wish to see final results of analysis. Set chart or grid view combination to be visible with optional 'Value bars' as visual value indicators.

Analysis History

Each analytic step is recorded and analyst could browse analysis history to move back to any previous step of analysis.

Quick Explore Analysis

For any cell on the grid analysis quickly explore related data by any other dimension (in a small separate window) without removing main data in the grid view.

Publish Analysis

Set visual details for analysis, Impersonation options and publish analysis to be opened on a separate URL.


Free Position Layout

Drag-and-drop dashboard charts and metric tiles, resize and move to any position to design dashboard layout of your preference.

Chart Types

Various chart visualizations including Geo Maps, Tree Maps, Pies/Doughnuts, Column/Line charts, Cards, Combo charts, Goal Meters/Gauges, Tables, Lists and more.


Add dashboard slicers that will filter all or specific dashboard elements. Slicers could be of OLAP data structures or Input fields that are connected with SQL query parameters.

Chart as Slicer

Click on the chart and set is as dashboard slicer. When chart segment is selected, whole dashboard is filtered by selected segment.

Slicing by URL parameters

Define slicers values in URL parameters and use one dashboard for many different points of interest.

Mobile View

All dashboards could be opened in 'Mobile view' designed to be used on mobile devices, using analytic interactive features as well.

Slides View

Display dashboard chart elements as slides, one by one, over all screen size with configurable delay between slides.

Chart Visual 'Options'

Each chart/visualization has number of visual options to fine tune display of the data and express point of interest on the chart.

Multi-Page Reports

Combine more dashboards and/or OLAP reports to single report view with tabs for each item in the grouped content. Users can quickly switch between content in the group.

Master-Detail Dashboards

Set link to open 'child' dashboard on a particular 'parent' dashboard chart, using all filters defined on 'parent' dashboard, creating master-detail step analysis with more dashboards.

Connect charts and data

Each dashboard tile element could be connected to any created OLAP analysis or SQL/MDX query to display visualization.

Interactive Analysis

Dashboard charts based on OLAP data could be interactively analyzed with drill-down and drill-through options inside dashboard.

KPIs & Scorecards

Create KPIs, Gauges and Scorecards that are based on dynamic OLAP or SQL data with defined success and fail thresholds.

Export to PDF

Export dashboard to PDF file in simple or detailed mode, with additional export parameters. Such is page orientations, margins, font size, etc.

Export chart to PDF or Excel

Each dashboard element could be exported individually to PDF or Excel file.

Share Dashboard

Share created dashboard with other users or groups, using permissions on shared folders.

Subscribe to Dashboard

Define scheduled time to receive fresh dashboard data on your email. Optionally set condition to receive dashboard, only if certain KPI status on the dashboard is met.

Open External URL

Configure dashboard chart to open external URL in a separate tab with context of clicked chart segment in the URL querystring.


Make comments or even start discussions on the dashboard with your team colleagues.

Refresh Intervals

Set time intervals for individual dashboard charts, when to automatically refresh data and chart visualization.

Chart 'Large View'

Each chart could be opened in 'Large View', using almost whole screen size, to better visually perceive chart data, while using interactive analytic features at the same time.


Use CSV or SQL data

Create Analytic Models in Kyubit Self-Hosted BI Tools using your CSV files or SQL query results data in several simple steps.

Analytic Structures

Organize data structures with measures, dimensions, hierarchies for comprehensive analytics by end-users.

Grid/Chart analysis

Use created 'Analytic Models' to create analysis in grid/charts view with drill-down, slicers and other analytic features.

Dashboard analytics

Use created analyses to prepare dashboards charts, for interactive data presentation, analysis and exploration by the end-users.

Reports & Subscriptions

Prepare reports for end-users, export reports to PDF/Excel files or subscribe to receive report on email at scheduled time.

Schedule Model Updates

Schedule 'Analytic Model' updates to occur at specified time and automatically bring fresh data to reports and dashboards.


Create KPIs, Gauges and Scorecards that are based on analysis created on 'Analytic Models'.


Set permissions and specify users and groups allowed to access or change analyses, reports and dashboards.



How users are identified and how permissions are granted on the BI content within Kyubit Self-Hosted BI Tools ? Use one of the following authentication mechanism:
- Windows Integrated Authentication (Default)
- Windows Login Form Authentication
- Kyubit Users Authentication
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Multitenant Mode

BI Tool features
By default, Kyubit Self-Hosted BI Tools are running in Single-tenant mode, designed to be used within single organization. Learn about Multi-tenant mode, which should be used when single Kyubit application instance is used by many organizations or individuals, completely separated on the data level.
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Multilingual Options

By default, Kyubit BI user interface is in English language. Learn how you can setup Kyubit Self-Hosted BI Tools instance to work with one of 10 available languages. Learn how to quickly setup OLAP translation language to be used for each user individually.
Contact us for additional languages support.
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Embedded BI within Your App

Use created Self-Service BI Reports, OLAP Reporting/Analyses, Dashboards, KPIs, Queries and Metrics in Kyubit BI to be rendered within your solution providing embedded analytics and interactive visualizations within any HTML page. Use Kyubit to embed Business Intelligence within your app.
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