Dashboard Layout Structure, Colors, and Logo Image

Easily set up any preferred dashboard layout structure with drag-and-drop dashboard tile positioning and resizing. Dashboard design with Kyubit BI tools is an easy and intuitive process any business user can adopt in no time. Set up your brand color schemes in the Kyubit Administration section and the logo image in the upper left corner. When sharing a created dashboard, it will feel like it belongs to your brand and organization.
dashboard design layout style

Organize the dashboard layout with Free Tile Positioning

Use Free Positioning of dashboard elements to customize sizes and positions of individual charts and visualizations on the dashboard.

Drag-and-drop any visualization tile on the dashboard and set its position and size on the dashboard 'Area'. To resize the tile, click on the resizing handle (arrow) on the tile's lower-right side. While moving around and resizing a particular tile, an element size indicator is displayed on the lower-right side of the tile element, indicating tile size in pixels, so the dashboard designer can easily compare and organize content on the dashboard. Tiles are moved and resized by a 10px step, making it easy to align among other dashboard tiles. Dashboard 'Area' is always positioned centrally on the dashboard page and at any time set the 'Area' size with the button on the right.

Arranged positions and sizes of dashboard tiles are respected while exporting the dashboard to PDF (Simple Export). To remove a tile from the dashboard, click on the tile edit and trash icon.


Steps to design dashboard layout, color scheme, and logo image

  • Download and install Kyubit BI Tools.
  • Connect to your data sources (SQL, OLAP, Tabular, Excel, or CSV)
  • Create data analytics.
  • Create a new dashboard
  • Drag and drop dashboard tiles to form the dashboard layout structure
  • Connect dashboard tiles with previously created analytics or queries
  • Set chart type for each of the dashboard tiles
  • Choose a color palette for individual charts of the whole dashboard
  • If required, create a new color palette in the Kyubit Administration section
  • Use dashboard white-label features to set up the logo image for the dashboard to match your organization's brand

Dashboard Layout Structure Samples

Different dashboard layout structures to best-fit chart data visuals and other requirements. Set the dashboard colors scheme from 5 different color pallets (Standard, Warm, Cold, Strong, Gray) or create your own color palette in the Kyubit Administration section.

Dashboard Tile Border Style

Set optional tile border and dashboard background style elements to customize the appearance and match visual requirements.
There are 2 background styles and 5 tile border styles, which could be combined to have a great dashboard look.

Dashboard Color Pallets

Set the dashboard color scheme from 5 different color pallets (Standard, Warm, Cold, Strong, and Gray) or create your own color palette scheme in the Kyubit Administration section.

Single Color Charts

An effective way to present important charts that will make a bolder impression on the dashboard is with the 'Single-Color' style (Color Palettes). In this way, you can design a chart background with a specific color, while chart elements are presented with shades of white. The chart looks outstanding among other charts with a flat outlook.

Get started with Kyubit Dashboard software

Dashboard software download Start with the Kyubit BI platform download for a 30-day evaluation and see Dashboard features in action.
It is a simple and quick installation that will bring all features unlocked in the evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries. Download Kyubit User Manuals which cover all aspects of the Kyubit BI platform.