SSAS Analysis Services Client

Kyubit Business Intelligence - SSAS Analysis Services client based on the web technologies and HTML, connects you to Analysis Services and provides sophisticated and intuitive OLAP analysis and visualization.

SSAS Client

SSAS client There are many ways to analyze and browse OLAP cube data based on SSAS - SQL Server Analysis Services. Kyubit Business Intelligence is web application that enables all authorized users to connect, analyze, visualize, share or subscribe to Analysis Services OLAP cube data using only internet browser. Minimizing installation and maintenance procedure on client side, Kyubit Business Intelligence is installed on intranet IIS within minutes and immediately ready to serve OLAP analysis and other OLAP features. Intuitive OLAP operations, sophisticated visualization options and easy way to share analysis among users are some key benefits of this OLAP client software. Users do not have even to connect to Kyubit Business Intelligence, they could be only recipients of scheduled OLAP report email delivery, which brings fresh OLAP data right on scheduled time.

Quick tour on OLAP Analysis features

Quick Setup

It takes few minutes to download, install and utilize Kyubit Business Intelligence tool.

Grid Analysis

Powerful 2-axes, multi-measure, intuitive OLAP grid analysis.

Chart (Visual) Analysis

Interactive charts for OLAP analysis and visualization.

Drag-and-drop experience

Easy to adopt, intuitive, drag-and-drop user experience.


Share analysis with colleagues on your intranet.

Dynamic drillthrough

Dynamically define drillthrough columns to show while drillthrough.


Export your analysis to Excel and PDF.


Create OLAP report scheduled subscriptions to existing analysis.


OLAP report data integration with other web application (SharePoint).

Use on Dashboards

Use created OLAP analysis to present your OLAP data on Dashboard.


Kyubit Business Intelligence is an ASP.NET web application installed on IIS. It requires MS SQL Server (any edition) for its own database and connects to Analysis Services for OLAP analysis. On the client side, users is only using web browser to connect to Kyubit BI, which server HTML/Javascript for all OLAP functionality and operations. On server side, optimized MDX queries are generated and executed against Analysis Services, data is transformed to HTML and returned to client. Because, only specifically required data are being returned using asynchronous javascript operations (not complete html page), response is fast and elegant.

User experiance
Kyubit Business Intelligence as SSAS Analysis Services client is easily adopted by the analytical users, giving them options to analyze data from almost anywhere. Drag-and-drop, context menus, in-page responses with requested data makes this OLAP analysis fluid and intuitive. Watch this video for some highlights on user experience using Kyubit BI.

Get started

Take a tour on Kyubit Business Intelligence features and Videos, see some screenshots gallery of this OLAP web client, download trial (evaluation) version and feel free to ask us any question you might have about our product - Kyubit Business Intelligence OLAP client software. We will be glad to receive feedback from your side. Licensing model offers great flexibility and good opportunity to obtain first class OLAP software for your Business Intelligence environment.