OLAP Analysis & Dashboards software Videos

Videos of Kyubit BI tools presenting OLAP analysis and interactive Dashboard features overview in the action.
Watch videos from Kyubit web site or Kyubit YouTube Channel, showing most interesting Kyubit BI tools and Features.

Kyubit BI Tools Overview

Overview of some highlighted features in Kyubit Business Intelligence software. This video shows most common OLAP analysis and interactive Dashboard features. Kyubit BI tools are designed for OLAP analysis and business dashboards management based on SQL and OLAP data, all within web browser and user friendly.

OLAP Analysis Overview

Explore your OLAP cubes with fast, asynchronous OLAP client user interface within your web browser. Simply drag and drop OLAP measures and dimensions to analysis area to immediately get results from OLAP database. Share created analysis with selected users within your environment with Kyubit BI tools.


Interactive Dashboard Features Overview

Overview of business dashboard usage and design with Kyubit Business Intelligence. Business Dashboards created with Kyubit BI tools presents visualizations of OLAP and SQL databases data and are accessible using web browser for all authorized users. Tiles based on OLAP data could be used to continue OLAP analysis within analysis view, where user have options to drill and slice OLAP data structures.

Dashboard Geo Data Analysis

Geo data visualizations with Geo map tiles to present OLAP and SQL geographical related data on business dashboards with options to enlarge Geo map view or drill down Geo data to child Geo map. Continents, countries and regions maps are available to visualize on interactive dashboard. If data is based on OLAP data, 'Drill down' feature is available for data exploration and analysis from high-level to lower level details.

Kyubit OLAP analysis & Dashboards features 2016

OLAP Decomposition analysis, OLAP on interactive Dashboards, Dashboard customizations, Dashboards visualizations slide show and more BI tools and features from Kyubit in 2016.

Integrate OLAP analysis and Dashboards with your app

Host Kyubit BI tools features within your web solution and use power of data analysis and discovery, integrated with your existing environment, extending possibilities of your users and get visual attraction of data visualizations.

Kyubit BI Tools 3.7, Spring 2017

New experience for end-users, dashboard slicer abilities, coloring your analysis cells, cell writeback feature, new kpi features, new dashboard visualizations and many more improvements. Learn about new highlights in quick video or read the following lines to discover details what is new and what is improved in the 2017 spring edition of Kyubit Business Intelligence software.