Release Notes 6.2

We are happy to announce new Kyubit BI features and improvements in version 6.2!
Check out new 'Quick Slicers', 'Time animated charts', Self-service BI with Excel files, 'Circular subscriptions' with personalized content and more new details that will contribute to every business intelligence environment.

Quick Slicers in Action Video
Animated Time-Data Analysis Charts

Quick Slicers

At any time analyzing your data, show 'Quick Slicers' for any added filter, and quickly change the filter selection with simple clicks on available members. Set the 'Quick Slicers' position and size anywhere in the analysis view or the dashboard that will be saved and opened at the same position, size, and with the same selection (Video).

Personalized Circular Subscriptions

Create a single report/dashboard subscription to be sent to many users (contacts) in a way that each recipient (contact) receives content personalized for him. This is achieved by applying filters that are related to the recipient (contact) 'User Properties' that are now available also for the 'Contacts' entity.

Animated Bubble Chart

Present changes of data through time with the Animated Bubble Chart that animate bubbles presenting 2 or 3 measures. Including features like 'History Line', zoom-in, a grouping of items, 'Progress Analysis', 'Compare Period Analysis', and more.

Animated Bar Chart

Present changes of data with a Bar chart race to the top, which animates data changes through time in a such way as to move bars to the top that present higher values. Ideal to visualize the best performers at the time.

Animated Butterfly Chart

Visualize and present data changes in time, observing and comparing two groups of items that present a BI-directional bar chart. Animated Butterfly chart could be used on dashboards and in analysis view, as an animated chart or static data view.

Standalone usage of Animated chart

Download the Animated chart as an HTML file and use it as a standalone chart file outside the Kyubit application with many visual preferences. Send the animated chart as a file to someone or use it for presentation purposes.

Excel file to Analytic Model

From this version, you can also upload existing Excel files with data organized in rows and columns, and use its content to quickly create 'Analytic Models' and start your data analysis.

Analytic Model, Ranges

Organize numeric values in ranges that become dimension members after the processing. If the values in dimension are numeric, its representation as dimensions is much more insightful with ranges.

Slide-in application messages

No more application messages that require the user to click on the 'OK' button. Application messages are now sliding in on the top right corner and automatically disappearing after a few seconds.

Azure Analysis Services data source

More appropriate data source form when connecting to 'Azure Analysis Services' Tabular models from the Kyubit application. Input fields are organized with username and password fields.

OLAP/Tabular, Search by property values

When searching for OLAP dimension members, you can now use search by its property values to find the required members.

Drillthrough results implement 'User Properties'

Drillthrough results implement current user 'User Properties' to show the drillthrough results relevant to the current user.

Other Features and Improvements

  • Automatic Date structure, when creating Analytic Model based dimensions based on the date columns. The application will automatically create columns that represent Year, Quarter and Month based on the single date column provided.
  • Improved speed of the dashboard opening in the production view. Fewer scripts are loaded related to existing charts on the dashboards.
  • OLAP/Tabular analysis that uses structure (dimensions and measures) that do not exist anymore in the data source, will be available to open and change required elements (previously could not be opened).
  • OLAP/Tabular, if the cube/model is being processed in the middle of the analysis in Kyubit, the application will present the relevant message and option to refresh the whole analysis without the need to close the analysis.
  • User Properties can now contain a wildcard (*) that will return all values when implemented as a filter. Related to Analytic Models.
  • Kyubit object permissions multiple selection and removal.
  • FIX - Mobile view home page displayed all folders and subfolders at the same time. Now displays, only root folders. Subfolders are displayed on the root folder selection.