Release Notes 5.5

Don't miss summer updates of Kyubit BI with new 5.5 features and improvements! New options and behaviors related to analysis (OLAP/Analytic Model) and dashboard charts, but also important security and performance improvements! We also introduce the development of the Kyubit 'Planning, budgeting and forecasting' module that will be available this year.

Quick Video on new Features

Quick Chart Date Range Actions

The most popular action for the average user when reading chart data is to quickly see the same data for some other period of time. New dashboard chart features allow you to select interesting date periods with 2 clicks on the chart. Optionally, select date filtering with a time axis that will present changes in the values through the time.

Dashboard smart caching/Faster Dashboards

Dashboards are using smarter data retrievals from the data sources and caching on the client-side. This results in faster dashboard creating, work in design view, and switching from production to design view and vice versa. Especially relevant if dashboard charts are based on some heavy load query or analysis.

Analytic Model - Expand All Mode

'Analytic Models' analysis also supports the 'Expand All Analysis Mode' in which all dimension levels added to the analysis will be automatically expanded (Previously available for OLAP analyses). This approach ensures that all dimension-level items will be expanded in the analysis, even if they were not existing at the analysis creation.

'Expand All' on the Dashboard 'Table' chart

A dashboard 'Table' chart can be used to display 'Expand All Analysis Mode' for OLAP and 'Analytic Model' data sources. To get nice performance results on the expand all actions it is recommended to make sure that the analysis results do not exceed a couple of thousands of rows, after which performance gets slower.

OLAP Analysis URL filtering

Open the existing analysis in the 'grid view' or a 'report view' with custom filters applied using the URL query string parameters.

Fixed 'Table' chart header

The new 'Table' chart header is fixed to the top (static). As you scroll through the results the header is always visible.

Alternative chart 'Category/Series'

Set an alternative dashboard chart 'Category' or 'Series' dimension level for the existing analysis. Set 'Category' or 'Series' dimension in the dashboard design view > Tile > Options or by the end-user in the production view on the dashboard chart context menu. This opens a new perspective on how end-users analyze dashboard data.

Dashboard chart 'Granularity'

If a dashboard chart category is based on the hierarchy, now a user can quickly change category granularity and select a more appropriate hierarchy level for the data insights. For example, if the chart category is based on the 'Months' level, it could be quickly changed to show the 'Days' or 'Years' level.

Planning, Budgeting and Forcasting module (in development)

Kyubit is developing a new 'Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting' module for the Kyubit BI platform, which is expected to be officially released by the end of this year. The goal of the module is to provide an environment to plan business important values on existing dimensions from the OLAP/Analytic Model data for an entire company/organization for a specific period of time, and then to observe and monitor planned vs actual values using the Kyubit dashboards, alerts, and KPIs, etc. The planning could include the participation of many organization users and the Kyubit planning module will support workflows in which certain planning tasks are assigned/delegated to appropriate users throughout the organization. Planned values are converted to a multidimensional data model, which then could be analyzed and compared with actual values in many aspects. 'Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting module will be separately licensed. To join the new planning module for early usage and testing available from September, write to us at (More documentation, videos and other related content are expected in September/October)

Other Features and Improvements

  • The Data proprietary statement is configurable and visible at the bottom of all content exported from the Kyubit application (Excel, PDF, CSV files). For example "This data, and any information derived from this data, can only be used for internal business purposes and cannot be used or shared externally without prior written approval of ... " To enable this statement set appropriate text to the "DataProperietaryStatement" key in the web.config file in both Kyubit web application instances.
  • Important security improvements related to founded vulnerabilities. (Details undisclosed for security reasons)
  • Copy/Paste Dashboard Charts. While in the dashboard design mode, click on the copy icon that will appear aside edit tile icon. Once the chart is copied, it could be pasted anytime on the same or another dashboard (in the same or another browser tab). To paste copied chart, drag any new tile to the surface, and the paste icon will appear aside from the edit icon. (from 5.4.4)
  • Performance improvements for 'Analytic Model' data processing and analysis.
  • Improvements for the percent values presented on the dashboard charts.
  • Dashboard chart displayed in 'Expanded View' (Fullscreen), now also has a context menu with analytic options related to the chart.
  • Export/Import action now supports complete 'Analytic Model' structure definition exporting to the XML file and importing on the new environment.
  • Assigning multiple permission users/groups with one click when managing object permissions (previously permissions added one by one).
  • Decomposition Analysis (OLAP/Analytic Model) allows to set alphabetical or 'Member Key' sorting for each added level. (from 5.4.6)
  • Subscription Job email notification. Set the email address used to notify Analytic Model processing job success status. Set email address to "JobStatusEmailNotify" option in the web.config file on the path C:\Program Files\Kyubit\ServiceEndPoint. (from 5.4.6)
  • Setup improvements. Auto-detect and configure already applied application Language after the upgrade. (from 5.4.6)
  • Setup improvements. Application setup automatically sets Session timeout of 300 minutes and 360 minutes for application pool 'Idle-timeout'. This should improve to have fewer session time-outs. (from 5.4.6)
  • Dimensions/hierarchies that contain a large number of members at the first level now open quickly. (from 5.4.3)
  • Other small improvements and minor bug fixes.