Release Notes 5.4

A must-have series of new features and improvements included in version 5.4 you don't want to miss! OLAP analysis improvements with Date Calendar Picker and easy relative date slicing, OLAP cube structure search, Kyubit users password policy, security improvements, KPI Alerts, UI improvements, and more with Kyubit BI 5.4 release (December 2021)!

OLAP Date Calendar Slicer

A date range is the most often dimension to slice analysis data. In this release, Kyubit delivers Date Calendar Picker (for OLAP time dimensions hierarchies) that could be used with analyses, reports, and dashboards. The most intuitive and user-friendly OLAP date picker end-users will appreciate using while analyzing OLAP data.

OLAP Relative Date Period Slicing

The Calendar Slicer also includes a feature to provide a relative data range to slice OLAP data. The relative date period slicing includes support for any combination of the current, previous and future date ranges relative to the current date. This approach is more efficient and user-friendly than previously used 'LastPeriods' filtering.

OLAP Cube Search

Searching the OLAP cube structure to find measures, measure groups, dimensions, hierarchies, levels, and named sets has never been easier. While in analysis, report, decomposition, and dashboards view, type in several letters to quickly find the appropriate cube structure element.

Kyubit Users Password Policy

Define the password policy for users created in the Kyubit application. Password policy includes a definition of password minimum length, expiration period, mandatory usage of upper-lower characters, numeric or special characters. While creating a new user, an admin can set a password change on the first user login.

Alerts on KPI

Any user can create an alert for any available KPI and receive a notification when KPI reaches one or more required statuses. It presents a quick and simple way for a user to be notified of important value thresholds being reached with a flexible monitoring and notifying frequency. One click on the KPI and create a new Alert.

Measures Checkbox Selection

Alternative to a drag-and-drop approach, measure selection now can be done by quickly checking the measure checkboxes which seems to be a faster way to add more measures to analysis, report or a dashboard chart. A drag-and-drop approach could be combined with the checkbox selection.

Dashboard Auto-Slicing

A dashboard with auto-slicing sets any chart to be used as a slicer for other chart data without opting for 'Use as slicer' on the individual chart. As soon as the dashboard is opened, selecting any chart segment/bar/slice will slice other chart data with the selection.

Dashboard Chart Measures

End-user can quickly reselect measures for any chart on the dashboard. While selecting a new measure or multiple measures, OLAP cube search is available and measure checkbox selection. A Dashboard creator can choose alternative measures for a chart in the design mode.

Company Logo on Dashboards/Reports

A logo box is displayed on the dashboards and reports when using the 'Company' or 'Enterprise' edition license. The logo box could be hidden or set to an alternative image. When using the multitenant license a logo box could display the different logo for each tenant in the application.

Scorecard based on the SQL query

An alternative to creating a Scorecard by defining KPIs one by one and adding to a scorecard is creating a list of values and thresholds with SQL query results (if applicable in your environment). Such query results are quickly rendered on the Scorecard visualization on the dashboard.

Self-compare Combo chart display

Compare each data item with the previous item in a dataset using a Combo chart and a single dataset (query or analysis). When 'Delta chart' is set to a single dataset, the delta chart values will visualize every item compared to the previous visualizing its mutual difference.

Download chart as PNG file

Open a dashboard chart in the 'Expanded view' and set custom font and size. Download the chart as PNG image to include it in external content, presentation, or a document.

Other Features and Improvements

  • UI overall improvements.
  • OLAP filtering now supports all combinations of Time-defined filtering, WHERE clause slicers and Exclude filtering.
  • Hide complete 'Tutorials' content in the application by setting "HideTutorials" in the web.config to "1".
  • Subscribe to receive a dashboard PDF with or without the link in the email message.
  • Improved 'Bar Chart' display.
  • Improved Analytic Model Calculation View with integer measure.
  • The application does not allow user email addresses that already exist in the application for new Kyubit users.
  • Analysis Subscription with Excel attachment includes analysis chart image only if defined in the analysis itself ('Grid/Chart' Combination option).
  • Embedding a dashboard to an external app using the IFrame element now supports query string parameters 'hideHeader' and 'hideToolbar' to show the required content of the dashboard.
  • End-user cannot change his login name.
  • Other small improvements and minor bug fixes.