Release Notes 5.3

New release with fresh enhancements and new features for Kyubit Business Intelligence better user experience!
Custom HTML/Javascript dashboard tiles, 3-axis table charts, new embedded BI options, and new possibilities for analysis with Kyubit BI 5.3 release (June 2021)!

Table charts support 3-axis data

Dashboard table charts now support a display of analysis that contains multiple category items, multiple series items, and multiple measures at the same time. Previously, for such analysis, only data for the first measure was displayed. 3-axis data is supported for OLAP and Analytic Model analysis with support for data drill-down.

Dashboard HTML/Javascript tile

Enter any HTML/Javascript in a dashboard tile that could display any custom data, information or provide any additional insights related to your business requirements. HTML tile is saved and opened with other dashboard charts. While exporting dashboard to PDF file, HTML/Javascript tile will not be included.

Embed Grid/Chart Analysis to any HTML page

Embed existing analysis or empty grid to start analysis for any OLAP cube or Analytic Model within a single URL. Using IFRAME element and configurable attributes embed Kyubit analysis features to your application or HTML page with your preferences (Options to hide header, link to the portal and Save Analysis).

Embed Decomposition Analysis to any HTML page

Embed existing or new decomposition analysis for any OLAP cube or Analytic Model within your application environment. Using IFRAME element and configurable attributes embed Kyubit analysis features to your application or HTML page with your preferences (Options to hide header and other visual details).

Use 'Named Set' as a 'Calculated Member'

Display a Named set created in the Kyubit application as a Calculated Member in grid/chart analysis. Use Named set displayed as an aggregated item along with other members to compare values between individual items and grouped items that are related on some basis.

Quick Custom URL Frame

Set a dashboard chart to open a quick custom URL frame at the moment the chart point is clicked within the same dashboard page. Opening a custom URL in a frame is much faster (and sometimes more convenient) compared to then opening a custom URL in a new browser tab.

User Management API

Kyubit application includes a new Web service API to manage Kyubit users programmatically. Previously a new Kyubit user could have been created only within the Kyubit application user interface (manually). For an environment that integrates its own features with Kyubit BI content, this is a convenient way to add new users in the background on some event in the environment.

Master-detail Report for Dashboard charts

Open a report analysis in the context of a particular chart point on the dashboard. Analysis in a Report View will be opened for that particular point, passing a point member and other dashboard filter members to the report filtering. The ideal way for end-users to observe master-detail insights from a dashboard chart (master view) to a particular analysis for a particular selected value on the chart (details view).

Combine Calculated with Plain Values

Ability to add the same measure multiple times to the same analysis, so calculated view could be applied on one measure column, while other measure column displays original values. For example, now you can quickly see the percentage of the same measure in one column and actual values in the column beside.

HeatMap Relative Color Range

Previously, it was possible to define a color range with fixed values. The new version provides relative definitions of color ranges that would be applied for the whole data set or individual columns or rows. For example, the color range would be applied for the top 30% items in each column individually.

OLAP Calculated Measure Expression

Move mouse over OLAP cube defined calculated measures to quickly see its expression.

Different color for positive and negative values

If the chart contains single series of values, positive and negative values are displayed in different colors.

Other Features and Improvements

  • KPI NULL values are handled as 'CannotResolve'. 'N/A' text displayed instead of KPI sign.
  • Web.config "VisitorCanChangeInitialFilters" attribute controls if a 'Visitor' role can change initial filters on analyses and dashboards.
  • Web.config includes option to hide all tutorials content ('HideTutorials'). When this value is set to 1, the application does not offer tutorial content to the users.
  • Configure Dashboard KPI change percent format. Previously, it was rounded to an integer with no decimals. Set 'KPILastChangePercentDecimals' attribute in the web.config file to define the number of decimals KPI change percent will display.
  • KPI value change percent compares last change with penultimate (second cell) value to calculate KPI change percent.
  • A URL to directly open new analysis for a particular data source. For example, http://localhost:85/analysis/new?DataSourceID=101&hideHomeLink=1&hideSave=1&hideHeader=1. Optionally use attributes to hide visual details.
  • Bar chart legend now can be set on the dashboard.
  • Combo chart - if series exists, the Legend will display series members, otherwise, compare analysis/query names.
  • Card charts support no category items (only measure added to analysis).
  • Dashboard chart defined 'Specific Categories' and 'Specific Series' in a way to specify which members not to show. Select members not to show and add '!' (exclamation) character in the text field. For example, '!Australia,Canada' will display all members except Australia and Canada.
  • Grid/chart Analysis, to edit existing filters click on the filter dimension name or member names to open the filter dialog.
  • If Dashboard PDF Export encounters an issue, the error will be visible in the place of the dashboard chart (previously empty chart was displayed).
  • Dashboard Mobile View, now immediately shows dashboard filters if defined. (Previously, click to expand and show filters was required).
  • Option to exclude image when sending analysis as excel file defined as a subscription. Set 'ExcelAnalysisWithImage' to 0 in 'Kyubit.SubscriptionService.exe.config' file.
  • Embedded charts using Kyubit JavaScript API now support 'Single-Color' chart rendering.
  • KPI Last change percent display INF. if the previous value was NULL or 0, avoiding division by zero issues.
  • Dashboard Table PDF Export repeats column names on other pages if the table chart cannot fit a single page.
  • FIX - Dashboard 'Card' charts are nicely centered.
  • FIX - Multitenant 'White-label' folders archived and restored after application upgrade.
  • FIX - OLAP analysis, sorting by MEMBER_KEY resolved correctly.
  • FIX - Certain Subscription issues when using different Time Zone resolved.
  • FIX - Dashboard 'Except' filter is now also correctly indicated in the exported PDF dashboard file. (Word 'Except' was missing)
  • FIX - Alternative formatting (when defined) was not implemented in the analysis chart view.
  • FIX - Simple PDF Dashboard export was failing if a single chart on the dashboard had an issue.