Release Notes 5.2

A new set of features and improvements for Analytics, Dashboards, Mobile Dashboards View and Analytic Models created in Kyubit BI! Find out more details about what has changed and how new improvements will contribute to your BI environment and BI experience with Kyubit BI 5.2 release (December, 2020)!

Single-Color dashboard charts

An effective way to present important charts that will outstand on the dashboard with the 'Single-Color' style (Color Palettes). In this way, you can design a chart background with a specific color, while chart elements are presented with shades of white. The chart looks outstanding among other charts with a flat outlook.

Color palettes Management

Instead of editing color palettes in a javascript file, the new version enables the Kyubit Admin role to edit and create new color palettes visually, in the color palette management form. In the Admin section, create new color palettes which later you can assign to a dashboard and dashboard charts.

Define a Color for Specific Series

Set a color rule for a specific series on the dashboard, that will be followed by all charts on the dashboard. When you have multiple charts on the dashboard that contains the same items, naturally end-user would expect the same items to be visually presented with the same color on all the charts.

Analytic Model 'Expand All' and 'Exclude Filters'

Analysis based on Analytic Models now also supports the 'Expand All Level Items' feature. Click on the level on the category axis and set to expand/collapse all items. To set a filter that would return all members except selected, choose the 'Except selected' option in the filter dialog form.

Mobile View navigation improvements

The folder hierarchy is presented in the same way as in the desktop mode (Previously, all folders in flat view were displayed). Mobile view now supports the 'Search' feature to find a dashboard by the name and 'Recent' dashboards for the current user.

Edit Filters in the Mobile Dashboards View

Previously, dashboard filters in mobile view were read-only. The new version supports editing of OLAP and Analytic Model filters in the mobile view as well. Some more advanced filter modes are still supported only in the desktop mode.

Content Management Improvements

The 'Recent Items', 'Favorites', and 'Search' views now display the folder name of the item in the list. The analysis could be opened immediately in the grid/chart view, directly from the Home 'Recently Used' list. Recent items could be cleared with a click on the clear button.

Table chart Drill-Down definition

Category dimension levels defined in the analysis are displayed in the dashboard 'Table' chart as drill-down definition path, without the requirement that any of these levels are expanded. (Previously drill-down path was displayed only for already expanded levels).

Subscription Service auto-setup

Kyubit subscription service is automatically up-and-running after the setup and ready to send subscription emails from the Kyubit environment without any manual configuration. Within the trial period, the subscription service is using Kyubit SMTP details.

Company logo on Analysis/Dashboard PDF Export

Exporting analysis and dashboard to PDF file now includes the option to include a company logo on the document header. A company logo image could be included with the 'Company Edition' or 'Enterprise Edition' licenses, replacing the \WhiteLabel\CompanyLogo.png image file.

Other Features and Improvements

  • Kyubit BI now works with .NET Framework 4.7.2. Most environments today already include this .NET framework. In case the framework is missing, it should be installed before the product upgrade or installation.
  • Views 'Recent Items', 'Search', 'Favorites' and 'New Items' now include information about the analysis/dashboard folder.
  • A 'Visitor' role cannot change existing filters added to the analysis or dashboard, a visitor can only add additional filters on top of the existing. This way it is possible to create data insights and analytic environments where it is necessary to ensure a visitor role will not see the data they are not supposed to see and data analysis is done in the data scope defined by the content creator.
  • Set alternative caption to dashboard filter. After a filter is added to the dashboard, open a simple filter dialog, click on the existing caption and edit appropriately.
  • When many dashboard filters are added to the dashboard and cannot fit the current screen, a scrollbar appears for the dashboard filter panel.
  • OLAP analysis - Full hierarchy name on the analysis, reports and dashboards. Previously, some hierarchies (like date-time) were not displayed with full information. (for example, "Month" instead of "Delivery Date.Month")
  • Dashboard 'Line Chart' includes options to control line width and small circles display.
  • Dashboard OLAP and Analytic Model filters include 'Except selected' filters.
  • Dashboard 'Combo Chart', option to select a color palette for compare data set.
  • 'NonImpersonatedSubscriptions' are the default for sending subscription emails. Data is retrieved in the context of the KYUBIT WINDOWS ACCOUNT. In this mode, end-users do not have to provide their Windows credentials prior to creating a subscription. Alternatively, set 'NonImpersonatedSubscriptions' to '0' to enable impersonated subscriptions.
  • A simpler way to authenticate to Kyubit app before requesting Kyubit content in other web applications (Embedded BI Scenarios).
  • When working with OLAP 'Calculated Members', Kyubit BI supports a definition if calculated members will be included in the aggregation operation or not.
  • 'Recently Used Content' on the home page now includes an icon to immediately open analysis in the grid/chart view. The icon appears when moving the mouse over the item.
  • When using Kyubit users and groups authentication, if a Windows account associated with the Kyubit user is invalid a user will not be able to log on, to avoid the option to see OLAP data with an inappropriate user account.
  • KPI/Gauge thresholds and 'Last Change' value formatted the same way as the main KPI value.
  • TLS 1.2 support when sending emails from the Kyubit application and subscription service
  • 'Published Analysis' now accessible for any user anywhere (does not have to be a valid Kyubit user).
  • Creating Analytic Model from CSV file, now includes option to set the network path so it could be processed by the scheduled job. (Previously working only on IE)
  • The current user can see a list of all groups related to his membership in the 'User Settings' form.
  • An 'Hour' information could be now added to the OLAP Time-Intelligence definition for the member unique expression.
  • 'Recent Items Clear' option on the home screen on the 'Recently Used' section. Clears all recent items related to dashboards, analysis and queries.
  • Analytic Model - Column that is defined as a 'Sorting Key Column' is not displayed in the Analytic Model structure at the time of analysis.
  • FIX - The Card chart on the dashboard shows 'Last Change' value with the same formatting as the main value.
  • FIX - Date Picker correctly translated to other languages when using Kyubit multilingual options.
  • FIX - Editing the dashboard filter position the same filter on the end of all filters.
  • FIX - Dashboard 'Quick Explore' action works correctly on the chart related to analysis with category and multiple measures on the series.
  • FIX - OLAP Analysis. Level filtering with 'Bottom Count'.