Release Notes 5.1

Important improvements for Analysis Grid, Analytic Models, Dashboard Mobile View and Multitenant environments, along with the great number of new Geo maps for the dashboards. Find out more details about new features and improvements available in the Kyubit BI 5.1 version!

Resize Analysis Columns with Mouse Moves

Use mouse move to resize any of the category or measure columns on the grid analysis. Define the width for each of the category and measure columns precisely with your mouse movement. Previously set using predefined options from the menu for categories and measures in general. Columns widths defined with mouse resize action respected in the Report View as well.

Alternative Measure Caption and Format String

While working with OLAP or Analytic MOdel grid analysis, set the measure Alternative caption and Format String, which allows setting more appropriate measure naming and number format in the given context for the end-user. For example, to shorten your measure name often sound better than official measure name and sometimes it is just more appropriate.

230+ Geo Maps

A lot of new Geo maps are included with the product in this release. Many new countries now have support to display its data geographically on the dashboards. Some countries have additional regional divisions that could be more convenient to display values for. A new (more detailed) World map is included for finer insights on the dashboard.

Geo Map Improvements

A Geo map selection dialog form is provided to search the right geo map to use. (Drop-down list is not appropriate anymore) Geo map names are originally on the English language, but the alternative name could be set in the Kyubit database, GeoMaps table. Geo locations presented with the circles are now painted with semi-transparent colors.

Calculations View on the Dashboards

Calculations Views defined on the analysis (OLAP or Analytic Model) are now respected when displaying the same analysis on the dashboard, mobile view and subscriptions. (% of Grand Total, % of Column Total, % of Row Total, Running Totals (Series), Running Totals (Categories), % of Specific Row, % of Specific Column, % of Specific Cell, Difference from Specific Cell and others.)

Analytic Models support for Key Sort Order

While designing the Analytic Model for each dimension level column there could be set another 'Key column' that holds the values that could be used for sorting purposes. For example, dimension level 'Months' contains values 'January', 'February', etc, which are not convenient from sorting perspective. Set alternative values for the sorting of the same dimension level.

Cross-Multitenant Content

When using the application in the multitenant mode, now it is possible to create a single analysis or dashboard that will show different data for each of the tenants because such 'Cross-Multitenant' content will use different data sources (relative to the tenant) to display tenant data.

Multitenant Properties

When using a multitenant approach where many tenants use the same data source, to differentiate data results for tenants, the 'Multitenant Properties' feature could be used which could be set on analysis and dashboard objects. Designed to be used with the cross-multitenant feature.

Other Features and Improvements

  • Mobile View Improvements. Scrolling the dashboard content on the mobile view is smooth (Preventing unintentional popup menu). Chart menu is opened with the finger tap on the chart segment. "MobileDeviceAutoRedirect" web.config attribute sets to auto-redirect content to mobile view if it is accessed from mobile devices. Menu options for 'Home' and 'Login' inside the dashboard view. Chart visual details and alignments improved. Navigating issues related to iOS fixed.
  • "WhereClauseDefaultChoice" web.config attribute sets the application to use OLAP filtering with the default "WHERE" instead of the "SUBCUBE" filtering option.
  • "HideDashboardFilterButton" web.config attribute hides the dashboard filter button while not working in the dashboard design view. If the dashboard is saved with the filter panel closed, using this option, the end-user will not be able to see the dashboard filters applied (if for any reason, this is a convenient behavior for the current environment).
  • "Named Sets" and "User Calculated Measures" are now part of Export/Import actions as well.
  • Multitenant White-Labeling Each tenant has its own logo and text while using the same application instance.
  • FIX - changing login name constrain login name uniqueness in a multitenant environment.
  • FIX - calculated member excluded from filtering dialog.
  • FIX - 'Continue Analysis' does not appear on the dashboard expanded chart view, if 'Analysis Icon' is set to 'Hide'.
  • Improvement - In the Multitenant environment, if the user did not provide his Windows credentials for Subscription execution, Tenant Windows credentials (if exists) will be taken to run the subscription.
  • Improvement - Combo chart displays Line chart as a dashed line, only if both charts are set to be of 'Line Chart' type.
  • FIX - Analysis history back and forward does not loose Grid KPI and formatting definitions. The issue has occurred in some situations.
  • Improvement - Dashboard design mode does not allow analytics and chart menu openings on the dashboard charts.
  • FIX - Click on the dashboard chart value while in design mode results in chart moving around the dashboard area, which was unintentional and annoying behavior.
  • Improvement - Testing the chart in the edit tile mode results in the unnecessary scrollable HTML content.
  • FIX - The sunburst chart visualization respects TOP X defined in the analysis, while end-user additionally expands its members.
  • FIX - Dynamic text in Dashboard Header or Tile Description was not working as expected after selecting query/analysis for the tile.
  • FIX - Subscription execution applies 'User Properties' of the subscription creator user to the subscribed content delivery.
  • FIX - Smaller improvements and visual enhancements.