Release Notes 5.0

User-interface uplift, faster architecture, 'Compare' analysis, expandable 'Table' charts, data difference visualizations on 'Combo chart', Decomposition analysis and other improvements for Analytic Model, YTD/MTD/WTD functions for OLAP analysis, simpler filters usage on the dashboards and much more available in the Kyubit BI 5.0!

Architectural changes

New architectural changes are applied to the whole application usage and delivers faster loading of required content, fewer page requests within application usage, smarter caching of HTML content, smoother transitions between application sections and faster session start (log in) for each user. Faster and asynchronous loading of the tree with the OLAP cube structure in grid/chart analysis.

User Interface Upgrade

New application toolbar menus, which displays possible actions for each application section along with the descriptions for each action. A user is better informed of what each action is designed for. New toolbars with icons for the analysis and dashboard. The application is using a slightly different font family (Open Sans), which contributes to the overall application user interface impression.

Home Page Configuration

The customizable right section of the Home Page. Now, each user can choose to display custom data (created analysis or query) on the home page. Options for administrators to configure what to display on the Home Page right section in the web.config file. Link on the bottom that displays the number of new objects (Analysis, Dashboard) within the last 3 days.

Dashboard 'Compare Analysis'

When observing a dashboard chart based on OLAP or Analytic Model analysis, a user has an option to compare currently displayed data with the same data when applied using a different set of filters. Compare form shows filters applied to the original data-set and the compare data-set. On the same chart, both sets of data are displayed for easy comparison.

Decomposition Analysis Improvements

Decomposition Analysis now also works with Analytic Models. If your data is based on the CSV file or SQL database, now it is possible to create quick analytic decomposition of the data in multiple steps. Decomposition user interface visually enhanced and new toolbar applied. Send to printer option included.

Dashboard Table chart Drilled-Down (Expandable)

Dashboard Table chart now can display drilled-down levels on the category axis (previously only the first dimension level was displayed). With this new feature, it is easy to create analysis with preferred expanded (drilled-down) items, which will be represented the same way while displayed on the dashboard.

Delta Chart

When using a Combo chart (or Compare analysis) a Delta chart is a small chart displayed above main chart values to comprehensively display differences between two sets of values. The 'Delta Chart' displays the difference for each item between Combo chart value sets (or cumulative).

Publishing Analysis Improvements

Publishing analysis design form visually enhanced. Impersonation now works with the same or different domain name. Auto-refresh published analysis test page after each change of publishing visual attributes. Toggle toolbar display option.

Analytic Model Improvements

Analytic Model creation based on CSV file now supports semicolon (;) and comma (,) delimiters. The process automatically recognizes which delimiter to use. Filtering analytic model with date filter now includes functions "Last Months", "Last Week", "Last Years" and "Last Days" with an option to decide to include current Year/Month/Date or only previous.

OLAP Analysis, Toggle Level Aggregates (available from version 4.3.4)

While creating OLAP grid analysis, for each level added on the category or series axis, toggle the display of aggregate Row/Column for that level and compose analysis with aggregations on the levels you prefer. Previously, the aggregate function was applied on every added dimension level on both axes with no option to choose its display.

Set Alternative Measure

While assigning analysis to a Dashboard chart or KPI, a user can choose different (alternative) measure than already existing in the analysis to display a chart or a KPI for other measures, not having to create a new separate analysis for that purpose.

Dashboard Tiles Order

When designing a dashboard a user can choose tiles order that will be applied when the dashboard is used in Mobile View, PDF Export and Slides view. Because the dashboard itself is constructed with a free-to-resize-and-position tiles approach, it is not easy to determine the order of the tiles.

Dashboard Breadcrumbs

Each dashboard above title contains a link to the home page and the link to the folder from which the dashboard is opened. To disable breadcrumbs display on the whole application level, set "HideDashboardBreadcrumb" in the web.config file to "1".

Dashboard Mobile view and Embedding Info

While working with the dashboard in desktop (standard) view, using the Options menu a user can get a preview (and idea) how to use and display the same dashboard using mobile devices (and how it will look) or embed to another HTML page.

Other Features and Improvements

  • Dashboard analysis filters (OLAP and Analytic Model) are opened by default in a minified view that shows only simple member selection (most simple). To avoid confusion for end-users with all filtering options. Always visible button to switch to normal filters dialog form with more options if required by the user.
  • OLAP Time Intelligence feature now includes Year-To-Date, Month-To-Date, Week-To-Date and Day-to-Date function to easy select date-range up to the current date.
  • TreeMap text size depends on the area size.
  • Activity Log retention days could be limited in the web.config key "ActivityLogRetentionDays". If a number is set for this attribute it will represent the number of days after which activity logs are deleted.
  • The 'Visitor' role cannot change anything in the application. Previously, a visitor could get assigned 'Write' permission explicitly.
  • Within dashboard design, set the display of 'Continue Analysis' action on the chart menu, chart itself or hide the action.
  • Grid analysis also saves the status of hidden panels (filter, cube structure and measures). Toggle of visible panels is saved and applied when an analysis is reopened.
  • MDX queries could be combined with OLAP filtering on the dashboard. OLAP filters selected by the user will be applied to charts that are based on MDX queries, providing simple data slicing over any MDX query results.
  • Dashboard Quick explore analysis could be combined with Chart drill-down features. Quick explore analysis could be opened on drilled data, and drill-down could be applied to quick explore results.
  • When exporting dashboard with 'Combo chart' to PDF file, original and compared sets as included in the table of values.
  • Minor changes in email templates text for email notifications (when new analysis or dashboard is added). Folder C:\Program Files\Kyubit\BusinessIntelligence\EmailTemplates.
  • Use of 'User Properties' feature with Analytic Models in Analysis and Dashboards.
  • Analysis with Analytic Model, selecting relative date range filters automatically displays the same range on the calendar visualization.
  • New column width "XXXXL" in grid analysis.
  • The header title for all messages in the application is now configurable within the white-label feature. If not configured, it displays "Kyubit Business Intelligence".
  • Sharp edge display of the dashboard Column and Bar charts. (Previously, edge points were interpolated, which was resulting in somewhat blurry edges.)
  • Dashboard 'Expanded View' export to PDF file, automatically includes a table of values below the exported chart.
  • Dashboard 'Card chart' value label automatically adjusting font size to best match display for the current window size and resolution.
  • FIX - Browser zoom to 110% and 125% while working with grid analysis data, correctly works with all browsers. (Previously, grid cells not correctly aligned with Chrome and Edge browser.)
  • FIX - Published analysis does not displays the chart when 'Cache Time' was enabled.
  • FIX - Published analysis manipulating filters.
  • FIX - Dashboard Line chart 'blinking point' (Last point in the line chart that is animated), can be selected for further analytic actions. (Previously it could not be selected in all situations)
  • FIX - KPI displayed in Large view or Slides view in some situations was cutting of bottom or top of the line chart for the same KPI.
  • FIX - Dashboard chart aggregates when chart displays analysis with multiple measures and no dimensions as series.
  • FIX - Grid analysis that includes expanding of the Parent-Child OLAP dimension
  • FIX - Recent Analysis list was not automatically populated with newly created analysis.
  • FIX - Email notifications send correctly emails on new object creation for the folder with enabled notifications.
  • FIX - Email notifications visually enhanced.
  • FIX - Grid defined KPI not correctly working in some situations.
  • FIX - SQL query issues when using 'User Properties' in some cases.