Release Notes 4.3

New features and improvements are ready for your BI environment with Kyubit BI version 4.3!
Impressive Sunburst analytics on the dashboard, recurring subscriptions, new visualizations, new options for SQL based dashboards, OLAP and Analytic Models.

Sunburst Analytics

Impressive data visualization of OLAP/Analytic Model data on the dashboard, drilling the data from the top to the leaf level nodes on the same chart. Free selection of the dimensions by the end-users and intuitive level coloring.

Recurring Subscriptions

Sending often report/dashboard scheduled subscriptions was previously requiring separate subscription entry for each time. Recurring subscriptions defines how often to send subscription within the specified time period.

Calculated Measures for Analytic Model

Analytic Models based on SQL/CSV data now support ad hoc created 'Calculated Measures' that are based on existing measures from the model and the expression to create additional metric insights.

Drill-through on the Dashboard

Table with drill-through data directly on the dashboard. Quickly create custom drill-through columns to display OLAP/Analytic Model leaf level data, immediately opened on the dashboard.

New SQL query parameters semantic

A new and more comprehensive way to write SQL queries that could include parameters and will work the same way for SQL server data or any other SQL data source. Create the SQL based dashboard based on Excel/Access files.

Configurable Dashboard Filters Panel

Dashboard panel is not of fixed width anymore. Any user can drag and resize the width of the dashboard filter panel. If resized in the design mode, the width will remain every time opening the dashboard.

Dashboard Chart Value Label Improvements

More quality and options while rendering chart value labels, which are now more appropriately distributed avoiding the overlapping if possible. Values could be displayed in short form to save the chart space.

Bar chart for the dashboards

Dashboard bar charts are more appropriate when displaying values horizontally with more space for the category items captions. Bar charts are provided with standard, stacked and 100% view.

All New Features and Improvements

  • Sunburst Analytics
    The Sunburst chart displays multiple levels of data analysis (OLAP/Analytic Model) on the same chart, with the option to further drill-down the data, change dimension levels and provide data visualizations in multiple analytic steps. The Sunburst chart is the first dashboard chart visualization designed to present a hierarchy of data, where user can quickly estimate the impact of each data member in any level of the hierarchy. Initial structure (expanded members) of the Sunburst visualization is identical to the saved analysis that is used for the visualization, while it takes only a click to drill-down any member on the chart to the next analytic level. Furthermore, a user can change levels of the Sunburst chart to a different dimension and analyze data in any other way, making this visualization a convenient tool for data exploration and discovery.
  • Subscription Improvements
    Scheduled Subscriptions now include an option to send scheduled emails multiple times within a subscription day every X minutes between starting and ending subscription time within a day (Recurring subscriptions). For example, a recurring subscription could be set to deliver reports/dashboards every 45 minutes between 09:00 and 15:30, within a single subscription definition (entry). Quarterly subscriptions could deliver scheduled subscription for a report/dashboard at the beginning of every new calendar quarter.
  • Calculated Measures for Analytic Model
    The feature for Analytic Models based on the SQL/CSV data provides the creation of the calculated measures any time working with analysis. Based on the current measures from analytic model a user can create expressions that would be used to create a new calculated measure, which is evaluated and displayed within an analysis as any other regular measure from the model. Each created calculated measure is optionally secured by the user/group permissions and could be anytime edited if with appropriate permission rights. While constructing the calculated measure, a user could use arithmetic operators and mathematical functions to prepare the final expression.

    + (Add) - (Subtract) * (Multiply)
    / (Divide) % (Modulo)
  • Drill-through on the Dashboard
    Up till now, a drill-through could have been displayed as an additional action on the displayed dashboard chart that is based on OLAP/Analytic Model analysis. A new option is to display initially drill-trough results in the moment of dashboard opening respecting existing dashboard filters. Usually, drill-through results contain specific leaf-level details from OLAP/analytic model and its convenient to present with the Table chart. For example, now a dashboard can initially display a list of names, emails, phone numbers and dates related to the sales of the current month from our data OLAP/analytic model, by adding a Table chart that is connected to existing drill-through results.
  • New SQL query parameters semantic
    This release provides new simpler ways to add parameters to SQL queries that could be used both with T-SQL queries (for 'MS SQL Server'), but also for SQL queries that will be used with ODBC data sources on the same way.

    Example ...

    Select * from Products
    Where 1=1
    {@par1: and productName like '%@par1%'}

    If parameter @par1 is not provided, the query is executed without phrase within curly brackets.
    If parameter @par1 is provided, using dashboard filter inputs, phrase for will be used replacing @par1 with the actual value.

    Very convenient to create SQL based dashboards with filters, that use ODBC data sources. Quickly create SQL based dashboard that queries and filters your Access and Excel data using ODBC data sources.
  • Configurable Dashboard Filters Panel
    Width of the dashboard filters panel could be anytime resized by moving the slider in the middle of the panel. If the dashboard is saved with a certain panel width, it will be respected while opening the dashboard anytime afterward. If the dashboard filters panel is hidden while saving the dashboard, it will remain hidden for all users initially when opening the same dashboard.
  • Dashboard Chart Value Label Improvements
    Labels on the dashboard charts that display actual values often were overlapping each other, making it harder to read the values when there was a lot of labels. New labels overlapping avoidance ensures that labels are not displayed one over other, making visual impression much clearer and comprehensible. A new option is also to display value labels using short display, making a label smaller. For example, $1,123,212.24 is displayed as 1.1M. In many cases produces clearer and more reasonable value labels display.
  • Bar chart for the dashboards
    Finally, we include 'Bar chart' for the dashboards, which similar to 'Column chart' displays bars respecting the data source values horizontally. In many cases, more appropriate to display value impact, especially if items are with longer names, as there is more horizontal space for rendering. A Bar chart is provided as a regular bar chart, 'Bar Chart 100%' and 'Bar Chart Stacked', which analog to previous 'Column chart' groups series into a single bar.
  • Dashboard chart value info
    Click to toggle the display of any chart value info panel. Previously, value info panel was displayed only with mouseover event, which did not behave great when there are many values (chart segments) and mouse over was not convenient to display/hide particular value information. Now, at any time click on a particular value to toggle value info panel.
  • External content URL features
    Open external content from the dashboard chart with new options to set various dynamically created data inside URL to match external content requirements. Use placeholders to add data about selected chart segment to final URL opening external content.
    Available placeholders:
    {CategoryDimensionLevelName} - Level name of the selected chart point on the category axis.
    {CategoryDimensionLevelUniqueName} - Level unique name of the selected chart point on the category axis.
    {CategoryMemberUniqueName} - Member unique name of the selected chart point on the category axis.
    {CategoryMemberName} - Member name of the selected chart point on the category axis.
    {SeriesDimensionLevelName} - Level name of the selected chart point on the series axis.
    {SeriesMemberUniqueName} - Member unique name of the selected chart point on the series axis.
    {SeriesMemberName} - Member name of the selected chart point on the series axis.
    {MeasureName} - Measure Name of the selected chart point.
    {PointValue} - Value of the selected chart point.
  • Dashboard drill-through export
    Dashboard drill-through export includes more information and a nicer Excel file structure display.
  • Improvements on the dashboard Combo chart regarding Legend, Axis Titles and Value Labels.
  • Visual improvements for the decomposition analysis.
  • Visual improvements for the Mobile BI.
  • Dashboard chart URL to open external content could be defined with custom query string parameters.
  • FIX - Analysis export to Excel display total rows/columns with a different color.
  • FIX - Analytic Model row sorting applied on the dashboard chart.
  • FIX - Scheduled subscription, calculating different time-zone in some scenarios was not correct.
  • FIX - Measure information was missing on some chart types while displaying particular point value information.
  • FIX - 'Expanded View' on the dashboard chart correctly exporting to the Excel file.
  • FIX - Combo chart value information panel correct measure display. Small improvements and polishing of the Combo chart.
  • FIX - 'Remove all categories' action with 'Expand All Mode' feature in the OLAP grid analysis.
  • FIX - Exporting Analytic Model analysis to PDF file, correct display of measure names.
  • FIX - Dashboard Table chart aggregations, the correct display also when applied only for categories.
  • FIX - Dashboard Line Chart with Min Y-axis defined with percent is calculated based on minimum chart value.
  • FIX - Dashboard chart slideshow. Correct order sequence of charts on the dashboard.
  • FIX - Analytic Model search members, 'Next Page' action.