Dashboard 'Table' Visualization Options

Often usage of data in the form of Table/Grid as most appropriate data insight in many cases, Kyubit Dashboards ensures with additional visualization features that will contribute to simplicity, elegance and focus on relevant details when 'Table' is rendered within the dashboard.

'Table' Chart Appearance

Use 'Grid Lines' options to draw horizontal or full grid lines on the table. Set table height, font-size, row height and column width for the table or set for each column individually background-color, fore-color, text-style and alignment to get the most appropriate look of the 'Table' chart on the dashboard. Dashboard 'Table' chart can render any data types from analyses or queries with option to display 'Value Bars' for numeric data types. All defined visual appearance options are also rendered while exporting dashboard to PDF file. If dashboard 'Table' is rendering analysis containing KPI definitions, KPI icons will be displayed automatically.

Grid Lines

'Grid Lines' option supports 'None', 'Vertical Lines' and 'Grid Lines' values to render lines inside 'Table' chart.

Text Style, Allignment, Fore and Background Color

Set for each column 'Fore Color' and 'Background Color', text style and allignment.

Table size, Row height, Column Width and 'Value Bar' indicator

Set 'Table' overall height, row height or individual column width. For numeric columns set display of visual 'Value Bar' indicator.

Font Size

Set font size to any value in pixels

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